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Tuesday, May 21

Among the projects and chaos of life...
I've also found time to dive into a FUN, brand new photo app!

The ABM app is currently available in the +iPhone Apps section of +iTunes  - (with hopes of an Android version in the future).
The app comes with fun doodles, a variety of backgrounds, playful borders, a handful of fonts and some cute phrases  to add to your photos prior to posting them on Instagram. (and other social media)

I've been tapping into my inner poet lately -  the one I left behind shortly after high school.
I've been writing my own "SHE" lunch box notes to include in my oldest daughter's lunches in the mornings.
I decided it was time to start writing them down for keeps...
and I've been sharing them on Instagram with hopes of inspiring and empowering others.
(By the way...I'd LOVE for you to FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM and keep up-to-date with what I've got going on behind the scenes. *wink*)

With that said...
When the ABM App launched - it seemed perfectly natural...
to create some inspirational quotes using the super cute app.

Along with sharing a couple of photos I took and embellished with the ABM app...
Here are some of the fun inspirational quotes I've created and have posted on my Instagram feed...
The inspirational messages I'm sharing here today are original quotes written by me.

"She Bloomed Brilliantly"
(the top and bottom flower border is from the ABM app)

The box of party items I received to help launch the 
new +Martha Stewart line of party accessories - 
(the white banners and polka dot border are elements from the ABM App)

"She Pedaled Past Heartbreak"
(The background and bike graphic are from the ABM App)

My daughter's program from the night we attended her
last performance as a middle school student
(The flowers in the corners are the ABM app)

"Author of Her Life"
(The background and arrow graphics are from the ABM App)

"She Carried Sunshine In Her Pockets"
(The background and glasses graphics are from the ABM App)

"Relationships Rooted In Love"
(The heart, arrow and banner on the heart are part of the ABM app)

My adoration for A Beautiful Mess actually began quite a long time ago.
Years back...I was a big-time scrapbooker...even served as an online Design Team Member on a well-known scrapbooking site SEE THIS POST.

Elsie Flannigan (now Elsie Larson) was  a "celebrity" scrapbooker at the time and I was in love with her unique, artistic approach to creating scrapbooks.

and was taking the scrapbooking world by surprise.
I attended a Scrap, Etc. event with my sister-in-law in Birmingham, Alabama
and that's where I met Elsie...

Jessica Kirkland and Elsie Larson

I STILL use the jar I made from the "100 Ways to Be Inspired" class Elsie taught.

Elsie has since teamed up with her sister, Emma, as they both co-author the A Beautiful Mess blog/website.
They are a powerhouse of creativity and I adore both of them!
With over 142k followers on Instagram...Elsie has certainly come a LONG way from her days as a celebrity scrapbooker!
I've LOVED watching her transformation and growth through the years and she continues to inspire me.

I hope you'll try out the A Beautiful Mess App...
as well as check out the ABM blog...
and follow Elsie and Emma on Instagram.

It was SEVEN years ago that I met Elsie.
I feel old...
but the new app is keeping me young! *wink*

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