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LiFE | Fields of Wildflowers

Wednesday, May 1

We've got beautiful fields of wildflowers in our area during the months of April and May.
Through the years, I've taken advantage of photographing my older girls in them when they were pint-size.
This past weekend was Ella's turn to finally have her photos taken in them.

Ella was more than thrilled to be dressed up like a princess…
surrounded by beautiful flowers…
creating a huge beautiful bouquet with them...
while I was happily snapping photographs of her. 

She actually enjoys having her photos taken - polar opposite of her older sisters.
I hope she doesn't grow out of that...

I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking today...

Ella Scarlet - Wildflower Fields - April 2013

Small grasshoppers kept getting caught in the crinoline layers of Ella's dress during the photos.
I didn't DARE say anything about them - even though I was trying not to freak out.
I just quickly kept brushing them off and she never had a clue! *wink*

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