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Thursday, January 3

Hello 2013!

It's time for big dreams...
big goals...
big hopes...
and essentially a big list of things we want to accomplish/achieve.

So we sharpen our pencils...

and we put that list on paper...

Want to try something different this year?

I have a different list I want you to make...
and you have the entire month of January to think about your list and get it finished.

You see...

I don't necessarily make a list of "resolutions".
I fail at keeping resolutions and then spend a good majority of my time beating myself up for failing.
Who needs that?
So, I decided to take a different approach to celebrating a New Year.

I create a Promise ME list.

Those of you who've been around have heard it before.
For those of you who are new...
It's something I started a couple of years ago...
and it just works for me.

You basically take the entire month of January...
create a list of things you'd like to do for yourself...
Begin on February 1st
and be finished by the last day of February the following year.

This is NOT a lose weight, break-a-habit-type of list.
It should be a list to inspire:
personal enrichment...
personal growth...
creative awakening...

You know that baking technique you've been wanting to try?
Put it on your list.

That local pottery class that's been calling your name?
Put it on your list.

The things I put on my Promise Me list encourage:
Pushing creative boundaries.
Broadening horizons.
Occasional intentional discomfort. (yep...growing pains)
Strengthening relationships.
Discovering something new.
Adding value to the everyday.
Being in the present moment.
Fulfilling personal needs.
Finding joy.
Reaching out - to others and to myself.
Unearthing ME.

FULL emphasis on ME.
Taking time for myself...
and doing things for myself.

I'm a strong believer that the best thing I can do for my children
is to be the very best ME.

Unfortunately, as much as I believe that...
I'm the first to admit
I fail miserably at taking time for myself.
In fact, I'm pretty much always last on the list...
if I even make it ON the list!

It's NOT acceptable.
It's just not...
so, I had to do something to keep ME at the top of my priority list...
because the best ME allows me to be the best ME for my children and family!!
That's how I began the "promise ME" journey.

It's so easy as a mom to push aside
our goals...
our dreams...
or even ourselves as we cater to the needs of our children/family.
The "promise ME" list is a reminder of who YOU are...
things YOU want to do...
things YOU want to be...
a list of things YOU want to discover, try, taste, feel, experience.

Want to participate with me?
Here's how:

Spend the entire month of January putting together a list of things you've been wanting to do, try, taste, experience.
Carry a note pad around with you because I promise you as you open your mind to all of the things you'd like to do this year, there will be triggers you unexpectedly come across, reminding you of things you've been itching to try/do.

Tips: Only add things to your list that cause your heart to race with excitement and anticipation. 
Also, don't make the mistake, like I did, of creating a list that is SO long that there's not enough time in the world to actually complete your list! It's wonderful to be enthusiastic and to push yourself.  It's even MORE wonderful to actually

I highly encourage you to tell your friends about the "promise ME" journey.
Have your friends participate with you, to cheer each other along, and to help you keep your promises.

Need some ideas to get you started?    
• See one of my previous lists HERE.
• Go through some of your Pinterest Boards for inspiration

You should have your complete list ready to go by January 31st. Go over it and eliminate anything that sounds more like a "task" or "goal". This list is all about having fun!! You should feel genuine EXCiTEMENT about every single thing on your list.

3. START YOUR "Promise ME" journey on FEBRUARY 1st
You have a full 12 months to do the things on your list. 
Keep track of your progress by displaying your list somewhere you will see on a daily basis.
Cross off the things you accomplish as you go along. Celebrate along the way.

Post updates on your "Promise ME" progress right here on my blog.
Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media to share photographs of things you are doing and accomplishing. Use the hashtag: #promiseme2013 


Send me an email letting me know you are participating:
You'll be added to the "promise ME peeps" list that will be displayed on my blog.
I will be randomly selecting "Promise Me Peeps" to send inspirational gifts to throughout our year together.

If you have a Pinterest account, let me know. I'll send you an invitation to participate in our Group Board for "Promise ME 2013". The board will provide inspiration to each other as we reach our goals. 
It will also be a place for you to pin ideas on how to accomplish some of the things on your list. 
For instance, if you want to make macarons for the first time, like I do, you may want to pin recipes, photos or books you come across that may help you achieve that. Sharing the information on our Group Board may also help to inspire someone else who may have the same goal.


Promise Me 2013 - Are you in?

I really hope you'll join me.
It's so many ways.
Happy 2013 to all of you!!

I skipped making a "Promise Me" list last year.
It. was. a. BIG. mistake!!
I will NOT make that mistake again.
My year turned out less productive...
and a lot less fulfilling.

I've made some adjustments to my approach this year:
• Shorter list
• EVERYTHiNG on the list MUST get done - no exceptions like I'd made in the past.

I'm still challenging and "PUSHiNG" myself... (see my Action Word for 2013 - I hope you picked one too)!
I'm just being more selective with what makes it on my list.
What's a "Promise Me" list if I don't actually keep my promises. Right?


Renee said...

Oh, Jess, I am so excited. I would love to be a part of Promise Me 2013. Thank you for being such an inspiration!!

Unknown said...

I'm thrilled to have you participating Renee! I'm really excited!!

Phyllis Richardson said...

I'm so excited that you decided to do this again! I was *JUST* stalking your blog over Winter Break to find your old Promise Me List. I began writing mine and am excited to know I have until the end of the month to complete it! (this means I'm ahead of the game, not late! ha.) Please add me to your email list and I will create a Pinterest Board and can't wait to tell my sister about this. xoxo

Unknown said...

Oh Phyllis!! You have no idea how much I've kicked my tail for NOT doing the Promise Me journey last year. I'm so glad you looked for it this year and that you'll be joining me!!

Genevieve Richer said...

Dearest Jess, Last year was the most challenging year I've experience thus far. I thought I would break, I almost gave up. Looking back, I now view it as a "transitional" time. I want to move forward in 2013. I'd love to join you in this challenge because I honestly believe in the power of positivity. Promise ME 2013 makes my heart sing! So happy I came across your fb post! Let's get this journey started shall we?! <3

Unknown said...

Oh Gen!! I'm beyond thrilled to have you participating! I'm so sad to hear the last year was so challenging for you. I hope the Promise Me journey will help to bring you a renewed sense of power, creativity and positivity!!
Let me know if you want to be added to the Pinterest list - where you can share/post things for personal and group inspiration. Here's to a beautiful year ahead - for you - and for each of us committed to making the journey.

Unknown said...

Our journey begins TODAY!!! Watch for the post later this morning!!

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