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RECAP | Savannah, Georgia

Tuesday, May 1

I'm finally getting around to sharing some photos with you from our recent trip to Savannah...
We traveled the 5 hours from Florida to attend a wedding for some friends of ours.
I'd never been to Savannah and I must say...
It was beautiful.
I love old architecture and southern charm...
And Savannah, Georgia is FILLED with it - in every nook and cranny...

We ate at The Olde Pink House on our first night and the food was divine...
Apparently there are a lot of haunted places in Savannah...
including the old wine cellar of The Olde Pink House - we took a peek on our way out.
It had a Pub-feel to it and was much different from the fine dining upstairs.
(photo taken by my friend, Kris)

It was raining when we left the restaurant and so...
with Ella in tow, we decided to make the trek back to the hotel an adventure.
We traveled via PediCab-style (because I'd never been in one)...
And we were pretty wet by the time we arrived back to the hotel.
(No pics of any of this - couldn't get my camera wet) *wink*

The next day we did some sight-seeing.
It was unexpectedly chilly so we decided to take the Old Savannah trolley tour.
Unfortunately, when it's cold, the plastic/vinyl trolley windows are closed...
this makes for poor visibility for photographing anything. *frown*
We learned so much on the tour was definitely worth it.

We got off the trolley at City Market to enjoy some lunch, shopping and a little more sight-seeing.
I spotted this place calling my name...

Savannah's Candy Kitchen is a huge candy store with just about every confection imaginable.
One of the many things they are known for is their handmade salt water taffy...
(bottom left photograph below shows it being turned/prepped for cutting and wrapping)


Everything seemed to be beautifully coated in an assortment of chocolate...

Since it was Easter weekend while we were there...
a lot of custom orders were being filled for "Chocolate-covered Caramel Apple Bunnies". (shown below)
(We The Easter Bunny surprised Ella with one on Easter morning... in PINK, of course)! *wink*

Check out the triple-decker Marshmallows...dipped in chocolate
and look at those "Chocolate Gophers"- their rendition of a "Turtle"
(pretty huge and YES, we shared one).

Here is where I spotted the aluminum bottles of Coke and Sprite I shared with you earlier...

After spending more at Savannah's Candy Kitchen...
 than on the sweatshirt we ended up having to buy me because I was FREEZiNG...
We headed next door to what the locals say is the BEST pizza in town.

"VinnieVanGoGo's Pizzeria"
The "slices" were the size of a small-medium pizza - and it. was. good.
I do have to say the actual dining experience was...unusual.
We were seated outside (and I was already cold...remember?)...
and everything seemed kind of old and...well...dirty.
I have no idea how long the place has been open but judging from the sign...
it's been there awhile. *wink*
(And for good reason because there is no question - the pizza is great!)
I'm just sayin' it's a VERY casual dining experience - if you get me?

A random photo I took of a parasol hanging outside of a store...
just because I thought it felt very "Savannah-ish"...*wink*

The welcome reception that evening was at Churchill's Underground - a cool little underground British Pub...
(My friend Kris took this photo with her camera - resolution isn't great but I loved it too much not to share!)

The following day we dined at Paula Deen's infamous restaurant:
The Lady & Sons
The environment was nice and clean with a touch of southern charm.
While everyone else I was dining with chose to eat from the buffet...
filled with all of the Southern Comfort foods you can dream of...
I chose to order what the waiter recommended (and apparently Paula's pride and joy)
 Paula's Famous Chicken Pot Pie

 The presentation was definitely eye-catching...
And with this chicken pie lovin' girl...I was ready to be swept away by "amazing".

I was VERY disappointed.
I may as well have been served a loaf of bread with a tiny bit of cream sauce to dip it in.
There were literally two pieces of chicken in my tee tiny bowl.
The giant-sized pastry puff crust is merely an illusion to what you'll find underneath.
Pretty much nothing. *frown*
(I think I've been spoiled by Garden Gate Tea Room's Rosemary Herb Crusted Chicken Pie)
Nonetheless, it was a cool experience.
Everyone else I was with enjoyed the perhaps I'll try that next time. *wink*

The reason we traveled to Savannah in the first place...
Mike & Nicole's Wedding - Saturday, April 7th
Ceremony in Orleans Square
Reception at Harper Fowlkes House


It was a beautiful day...
And a wonderful weekend.
Congratulations again, Mike & Nicole.

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Lori said...

Delicious pictures! Have a great day!

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