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Monday, April 30

I love mason jars...
I love decorating with them...
I love filling them with dried lentils and adding a candle...
And I especially love drinking from them.

My "drinking glasses" in my cupboard ARE mason jars...
When I stumbled upon this ingenius idea last week....
(thank you Daily Grommet)
I just had to share...


The brilliant lid... 

for turning your wide-mouth mason jars into travel mugs...



(all images courtesy of the Cuppow website)


Here are just a few MORE reasons why I LOVE this idea/product:
• It's made right here in the good ole USA
• it's durable
• it's recyclable
• it's BPA free
• it's affordable

Be sure to check out their website for more information.
And DEFiNiTELY let me know if you snatch up a few for yourself!!

If you haven't entered the giveaway I announced on Friday - you will kick yourself!!
Seriously!! (TomKat Studio + Amy Atlas + The Pastry Pedestal™ = Ultimate Party Pack)!!

Getting more and more excited about the launch of the new Pastry Pedestal Platform - will be announcing 
the pre-sale date in just a couple of weeks! PROMiSE!!

new approaches/ideas have me excited for changing things up a bit around here.
It's been a long time coming...*wink*


Dawn said...

genius!! I love this soo much...I too use mason jars as my drinking glasses..with 3 teenage boys they just dont break as easy :) Just entered your giveaway...fantastic!!

half birthday celebrations said...

This is brilliant, why didn't I think about this?!?!

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