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Life | Thoughts about Mother's Day

Monday, May 14


I hope you all enjoyed celebrating Mother's Day over the weekend...
My day was filled with...

 Homemade Snickerdoodle Cookies from Clara


Fresh cut roses from around the house...
put in one of my favorite recycled vases and displayed alongside a surprise morning breakfast from Jason...

A lovely giftcard to HomeGoods...*wink*

And a brunch with my family...
including my mom, stepdad, aunt, uncle and cousins...
Followed by an afternoon of pool time...

I feel very blessed.
I hope you felt the same...

#1: Jason read the blog post apparently...hence the HomeGoods score! *wink*
#2: I made the Bacon, Egg and Toast Cups from this post. (I chose to do a scrambled egg version instead of the sunny- side-up and they didn't look as pretty. They took on a strange look when they ballooned up in the oven. Thankfully as they cooled, they shrunk back down. But I would describe them as "bird-like" since the bacon slices resembled wings. They tasted good. And they were easy to make. It just turned out to be an odd presentation. The best part? My girls actually made them as part of treating me for Mother's Day. 
#3: I ate like a pig and woke up this morning determined to get back into my exercise routine. (That motivation was later followed by my consumption of 5 remaining Snickerdoodle cookies.) *blushing*
#4: That bud vase is a recycled capers jar. LOVE collecting these as bud vases.
#5: That "surprise" breakfast was ruined a bit when I came walking out to the kitchen in a panic that no one was up and we were running late for church. Jason shooed me away and I hopped back in bed until I was told to come out. oops!!

1 comment:

Xica Maria said...

Hello Jessica! Mother's Day in Portugal was a week ago =)
Loved the illustration!


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