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TEACH | All-Occasion Denim Pocket Banner (Part II)

Friday, May 25



When I told you the "Pocket Full of Posies" denim pocket banner was versatile...
I meant it.
By simply adding a splash of red and white to the denim pocket banner...
We're now ready to celebrate every patriotic holiday we have coming up...
and this could even be used at Christmas and Valentine's Day too!! LOVE!!!

Here's how to do it.
First, reference Part I of the "Denim Pocket Banner" tutorial right here.
Second, gather your supplies:

Pre-made Denim Pocket Banner (already strung together)
• Red Fabric (or ribbon of your choice - amount is dependent on the amount of pockets on your banner)
• White Fabric (or ribbon of your choice - amount is dependent on the amount of pockets on your banner)
• These Fiskars tools for cutting fabrics easily (or just your favorite sharp scissors)
• Scissors (for trimming the ends of the fabric after they are tied to your banner)

STEP ONE: Cut your fabric. (or ribbon)
Cut your fabrics into strips that are 1 inch wide and about 8 inches long.
The number of strips needed will be determined by the number of pockets you are using for your banner.
Count the number of pockets, add one to that number and you've got your total.
I used ten pockets therefore I needed 11 strips of both fabrics.


STEP TWO: Pick ONE fabric color - either the red or white- and cut the existing strips in half. 
By cutting one of the piles of strips in half, you will actually create a surplus for yourself to store away for use on a future project of your choice. (Keep reading to see how this works)


STEP THREE: Creative tying
You'll be tying the fabric strips at both ends of the banner and in between each pocket.
Place the longer strip of fabric, (right side facing down), underneath the twine.
Lay the smaller strip of fabric, (right side facing up), on top of the twine - creating an "x" with the two strips of fabric.
Working with the longer strip of fabric, grab both ends and creat a knot. (Like the first step in tying your shoes).
A 2nd knot is not needed and will make changing out the fabrics much easier for your next celebration/holiday.


For a more finished look, I used scissors to add an angle to each of the ends of the tied strips of fabric.

Notice how even though both strips of fabric started off at different lengths, they ended up just about the same size.

TIP: Use the technique above for all of your ribbon tying projects. 
You'll thank me for saving you tons of money because of  all of the extra ribbon, string or fabric you end up with.




Who's ready for Memorial Day?
And why bother taking it down when you are already set for 4th of July too!!
I LOVE when holiday decor items effortlessly and conveniently flow into the next celebration.

If you don't have a sharp blade on your rotary cutter...
Your fabric strips will end up looking like this...

You THiNK you cut nice clean strips of fabric...
but when you go to pull them apart...
...they are partially stuck together because my wimpy blade never cut completely through.
Good thing I have another one as back up...
Note to self...
pick up some fresh blades.


Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Love the switch over of these denim pockets...from posies to patriotic! You are so creative!

Unknown said...

I'm thrilled you loved the change-up! Love your comment..."from posies to patriotic"...that should've been the title of the post. *wink*

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