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Monday, August 29

Earlier last week...
I saw Rhonna's post about her annual tradition of creating a candy-filled poster for her kids' 1st day back-to-school.
I was completely inspired...
but it was already the 2nd day of school here. *frown*

I adapted the idea to celebrate  my two older daughters completing their first WEEK back to school!

I started with a piece of poster board, some tape, a sharpie and a bucket of assorted candy...

and with a little bit of creativity, I ended up with this CANDY POSTER...

It was a complete surprise when they came home Friday afternoon...

(especially since I'm usually always saying no to candy). *wink*

They LOVED it!!
And I LOVED making it.

If you don't feel like you are creative enough to come up with wording on your own...
Here's what I came up with...just to help inspire you...*wink*

"Summer seemed like such a FAST BREAK and now here you are...
your first week of school already under your belts. Just wanted to say I 
love you two little FIREBALLS to PIECES!  You both are SMARTIES
so probably what I have to already know.  Take your education 
seriously and work EXTRA hard to keep your grades up! It's not cool to 
act like AIRHEADS or BLOW an exam. Make time to really study. I know
at times you'll need to TAKE 5 from the pressure of MOUNDS of homework.
But if you stay on top of your assignments instead of chillin' to your favorite
M&M song, you won't get yourself in a CRUNCH and SKOR a big, fat, ugly ZERO.

More than all of that though...
I want you to be yourself!!
(despite the SNICKERS you think you might get).
Be confident in who you are,  otherwise you are just TWIX-ing yourself.
Choose your friends wisely and be a true friend.
And remember, sisters can be LIFESAVERS.
Be very wary of the WHATCHAMACALIT(S)! (defined as boys)
You'll thank me NOW & LATER.
Make it a fantastic 2011-2012 school year!
Come to me for anything and everything...
I'm here to listen always.
And I promise to make a few trips to Donnelly and 5TH AVENUE
for some ice cream and treats.

Claracakes and Emalove...
I love you both tremendously and 
wish you nothing but happiness.
Hugs & KISSES...Mom!"

This idea could also be used for:
• birthdays
• teacher gifts
• school office staff
• father's day, etc.

You can even make a much smaller poster and not have to use so much candy! *wink*

Thanks for the inspiration Rhonna!
I hope you all are inspired as well!

Have a fantastic Monday!!

Ella, (my very sweet, almost three year old),
was here to help me while I was creating the poster.
I tried putting her in charge of putting the tape on the candy
and then putting it on the posterboard.
Unfortunately, she was only interested in the two Blow Pops and
insisted that she "borrow" them while I completed the project.
Lucky for me, (and Clara & Ema), she actually listened and did not
unwrap them and try to steal a few licks. (which is what I know
in her heart of hearts she REALLY wanted to do). *wink*


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

What a fun (and yummy) idea!

Heather Sullivan said...

Gah! I LOVE it! You are the perfect mom!!

Unknown said...

Heather...seriously...I am NOT the perfect mom. I've had many a tearful night from regret of not handling situations correctly or feeling guilty for working too much. But I ADORE you for thinking that! *wink*

Jordan - Polkadot Prints said...

This is such a fun idea Jess! It's fathers day in Australia this weekend, I just linked from my blog to this...I think dad's would love it!!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for linking back to me Jordan...sending a shout-out to you on FB...*wink*

~Isabel said...

Love this!! Thank you for sharing such a great idea!

Unknown said...

I haven't made one of these in years, and it is just as cute as it always was! I LOVE your idea of doing a back to school poster! Words of wisdom from a great mom! ;)

Unknown said...

I love this and CAN'T wait to make it for my boys who go back to school Tuesday!! THANK YOU for sharing and inspiring!!

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

I hope you were able to do this for your boys Beth!! I'm glad you liked the inspiration!!

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