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the Pastry Pedestal™ | Creative Styling - Paper & Pigtails

Monday, August 22

This week's creative styling feature using The Pastry Pedestal™ comes from a sweet friend of mine...
Kori from Paper & Pigtails.

Waffle Flowers...

waffle flowers

I was thrilled last week to see a sneak peek of how she used them in her daughter's recent "Pink Flower" themed birthday Party.
They were perfect for the brunch table guests were greeted with upon arriving at the party.

Thanks for sharing your creative talents with us Kori!
I ADORE how they turned out!!

What you'll need to recreate this look:
• The Pastry Pedestal™ Starter Kit (12 lucite rounds, 12 lucite rods and 12 rubber rings)
• strawberries
• small vase/container to display them in.

2. Slide a cluster of 4 mini waffles onto The Pastry Pedestal™
3. Top with an upside-down strawberry

Soooo cute!!
I can't wait to see the rest of the party details on Kori's website!!

Since we are talking about The Pastry Pedestal™...
Anyone here ever heard of Oman?
Muscat, Oman to be exact?
I'm mailing an order for The Pastry Pedestal™ there this week...
And to be honest...
I had to look it up online to know where it was I'm shipping the order.
I'm amazed at how far-reaching this little invention of mine has been.
It blows my mind to be connecting with so many different people around the world!
It's a complete DREAM!!!

Today marks the first day back-to-school for my girls...
I'm so proud of both of them for the amazing people they are.
Smart, beautiful, funny, talented, creative...
and I could gush for hours about them.

Now don't be fooled.
Some days I feel like they suck the living energy right out of me, emotionally.
And I know I do things that irritate them to pieces...
And that's okay...
because it's just all part of the process...isn't it?! *wink*


Kori Clark said...

Thank you so much for sharing my idea Jess! I am glad you liked it! I loved using your Pastry Pedestals...there are so many ways they can be used!

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Your pastry pedestals are amazing! And we love what Kori has created to use them for...adorable waffle flowers, imagine!

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