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real parties | "Fun in the Sun" First Birthday - Stephanie Campagna

Tuesday, July 12

Continuing with the marathon of "real parties" this week...
check out this "Fun in the Sun" first birthday party...

The color palette and beautiful photos will have you melting as you look through all of the fun details...


Party Host: Stephanie from Celebrations and Sweet Creations
Celebration Type: First Birthday
Theme: "Fun in the Sun"
Inspiration: a sticker she found of a cake
Color Palette: red, yellow, blue & white

Stephanie contacted me to create an invitation for her daughter's first birthday party...
soley based on a sticker she'd found of a cake from a local craft store.
I took the basic idea of the cake...
changed the color scheme to reflect the colors she was wanting for her daugher's party...
and voila...
Stephanie whipped out a seriously cute party for her adorable daughter, Brooke.









Absolutely darling, right?
(the party AND the adorable birthday girl). *wink*

My favorite party details:
• the wrapped licorice
• kettle corn cones
• diy cupcake stands
• the color coordinated chocolate dipped strawberries

Stephanie did a wonderful job at pulling all of the beautiful colors together.
I adore all of the diy elements incorporated into the party...(see details/links below)
The mix of soft hues and brilliant colors are a perfect reflection of a beautiful summer party!

Thank you so much Stephanie for sharing the party photos with all of us...
I love every detail!!

Vendor Credits:
Invitations: Pen N' Paperflowers Studio & Design
Birthday Cake: Stephanie
Cupcakes: Stephanie
Party bags: Michael's
Banner: Bake It Pretty
Kettle Corn Cones: Martha Stewart
Birthday Candles: Beverly's Fabric Store
Straws: Shop Sweet Lulu
Big Red Balloon: Shop Sweet Lulu
Cupcake Liners: Shop Sweet Lulu
Photography: Blush!

DIY Party Elements:
DIY Birthday Hat:  Oh Happy Day
DIY Cupcake Stands: Stephanie (created with craft store supplies and spray painted white)
DIY Photo Garland: Stephanie


Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Adorable! So great how DIY elements were combined with store bought items...with such pretty results!

Moore Minutes said...

These colors are so playful and fun! What a happy party.

Amanda Joy Petersen said...

The color palette is great. I love that it has this retro beachy feel. I also like the fact that the little girl actually ate her cake... my little boy was too afraid to get dirty at his first birthday:)

Amanda Joy

Anonymous said...

Totally digging the dipped strawberries!

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