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Real Parties | It's Our Birthday - Renee Funk

Monday, July 11

It's Monday...
and as promised...
it's time to get the "marathon of real parties" going this week....

Let's get right to the very first feature...

What do you do when you have the unique experience of having two children
who share the same EXACT birth day...4 years apart from each other? 

Renee Funk, mother of these two gorgeous boys,  Sam & Gavin...
decided to host a clever "It's Our Birthday" themed celebration for the both of them.

Party Host: Renee Funk
Celebration Type: Combined Birth DAY Party
Theme: "It's Our Birthday"
Inspiration: the t-shirt she had made for the boys' invitation photo shoot.
Color Palette: multi-color

When Renee first contacted me here's what she had to say:
"Before finding your site, I had resigned to the fact that I was not going to find what I was
looking for, to make my party extra special.

After creating a few party printables for this local Florida mom, she took the  party reigns and created an extra
special day for her two sons.

Look how it all came together...

Favorite party details:
• customized t-shirts
• simplicity of the birthday logo 
• the personalized m&m's used for some of the party favors
• the simple dessert table divided into two sections - indicative of two celebrations
• backing the cupcake toppers with various solid colored scalloped square cardstock

Here are samples of the party printables I created for Renee....
I love sharing unique party themes...
and this one by far takes the cake with having two children with the exact same birth DAY!?
How often does THAT happen!? Wow!!

Thanks for coming back and sharing photos with all of us Renee.
You did a great job at putting it all together and it looks like Gavin and Sam
had a wonderful day celebrating with family and friends.

I have to share one of the final comments Renee sent to me in an email after all of the party printables had been created.

"I just can't thank you enough...the care you give is amazing. You make your clients feel like our party is as important to
you, as it is to us. You provide a level of service that is beyond anything I have experienced in a very long time"

Comments like that make this girl VERY happy....thank you SO much Renee!!!
It was a pleasure working with you.

I almost didn't accept this custom design job because my design schedule was SO filled.
But as soon as I heard Renee was a local Floridian living just around the corner from me...
and the fact that she found me via Cupcake Delights...(thanks Judy)
I just HAD to squeeze her in! I'm so glad I did.

She'll be picking the winners TOMORROW!!! (Tuesday, July 12th)

I love seeing orders come in from all over the world for my little ole invention.
The newest locations?
Ireland, Sweden & Switzerland! 
I'm amazed and grateful...


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

What a bunch of cuties!!
She did a great job with your gorgeous designs!!! Love the colors!

Bird said...

Lovely!! My kids were also born on the same day, 2 years apart, a boy and a girl, so I can totally relate! :)

Renee pulled it off beautifully!! LOVE the colors!

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