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{promise ME} Day one...

Tuesday, February 1


Today is THE day...
the day we embark on the year long adventure of enrichment...
personal growth...
creative awakening...
and self-discovery.

For me, this journey will include things like:
Taking time for myself.
Pushing creative boundaries.
Broadening horizons.
Occasional intentional discomfort.
Strengthening relationships.
Discovering something new.
Adding value to the everyday.
Being in the present moment.
Fulfilling personal needs.
Finding joy.
Reaching out - to others and to myself.
Unearthing ME.

all through the process of keeping promises. (promises I've made to myself)

Today is day one of the "promise ME" journey...
And I'm ready to share with you my list of promises...
I Promise to...
1.   sample a Cannelle et Vanille recipe every week
2.   bake macarons for the first time
3.   make an angel food cake for the first time
4.   bake every recipe in the babycakes cookbook
5.   "ME only" photo shoot
6.    bed & breakfast stay - all by myself
7.    go one month completely vegan
8.    cut squares from my grandfather's shirts I've been saving to prepare for making a quilt or wall hanging
9.    create an inspiration board for my studio
10.  add three pieces of art from Janet Hill Studios to my collection
11.  have a "real" tea party with Ella.
12.  attend a "junque" show event (something like this)
13.  have my blog printed
14.  new 50mm lens
15.  paint some canvases
16.  room makeovers for my 3 girls
17.  create a "Tara Whitney" wall
18.  create a number wall
19.  write/create/print a children's book
20.  incorporate "healthy" alternatives into dessert tables
21.  saturday morning breakfasts with Clara & Ema
22.  build a "pillows and blankets" fort with the girls
23.  try a brand new craft technique I've never tried
24.  new shirt in - old shirt out -every week
25.  pamper myself once a month
26.  try out a henna tattoo *just something silly*
27.  check out the French Nest
28.  wooden vintage signs - learn the process & create
29.  visit "Bake Me a Cake" and other local bakeries to add to my vendor list
30.  try a spray tan *giggling*
31.  family picnics - have at least three different ones
32.  create a family calendar/event/message board
33.  mailboxes for the girls' rooms
34.  make a R.A.K. (random act of kindness) list with Clara & Ema - execute in one day
35.  learn more about letterpress
36.  add new hair accessories to my collection
37.  purchase a new toe ring
38.  intentionally add more "laughter" to the everyday
39.  dine at 12 restaurants I've never been to
40.  discover new music artists
41.  find a local farmer's market that's worth it
42.  unearth the fashion sense that's been buried under motherhood
43.  create some videos for the blog
44.  do something I think I cannot do or have been too chicken to try
45.  enter the "ReMARTHAble" contest

Some of you may recognize some of the things on my list.
I carried over the items I didn't finish last year and vow to complete them this year.
I then added some new things to create a list of 45 promises.
Some of these things will take up very little of my time.
Other items will take a substantial amount of time.

Regardless, they will all require some planning.

I found I can cross off multiple items by getting a little creative.
For example...I could combine promises #2 and #11 by baking
an angel food cake in preparation for the tea party with Ella.

Or I could combine #23 & 32 by creating an inspiration board using a new crafting technique.
Looking at my calendar of upcoming events also helps to plan & prepare to execute upcoming promises.
It's so easy to have FUN with this.

For those of you participating with me in the "promise ME" journey...
your list will more than likely contain completely different things.
And that's good.
Because the list you've made is YOUR list.
You put things on there you felt YOU needed.
So don't go erasing anything - stick with your initial thoughts.
Trust your instincts.
And just DO this!!

It's up to US to keep our promises.
And this should be an "exciting" process...not a "daunting" one.
If one of your promises seems daunting...perhaps it belongs on a different list.
This list is supposed to be FUN!!!
It should invoke feelings of excitement.
And it should definitely leave you feeling inspired.
Inspired to do something.
And even more inspired after it's done.

Are you ready?
let's MAKE iT HAPPEN!!

Grab the promise ME blog button to use on your blog to help spread the word...

I will be creating a separate "blog page" to keep track of my "promise ME" progress & posts.
I'm also gathering ideas from some of the suggestions you've been making for cute things to create using the "promise ME" logo.
Those of you who are joining in on the journey...feel free to share links to your own lists...right here by commenting.
I encourage you to reach out to each other and lift, support and congratulate one another as we accomplish our goals.

Need a FREE printable list? (go here)
Need a better understanding of the "promise ME" journey?  (go here)

Happy Tuesday!
Happy February 1st!
And Happy first day of "keeping promises" to yourself!

I've seriously been so excited about getting started on my promises...
I've had to talk myself out of doing some of the things on my list until the journey "officially" started today.
Now today is finally on!!! Bring it!!


The Schlipf Family said...

I've just recently started following your blog---which I love! I was wondering where you were from? I noticed a couple of Orlando places in your Promise To list. I use to live in Celebration and miss Florida sooooo much! Especially since they are calling for up to 20 inches of snow tonight here in Illinois! Yikes!

Unknown said...

Hi Schlipf Family...I DO live in the Orlando area here in Florida. I live in Mt. Dora. Are you familiar with Mt. Dora? My guy is from Springfield, Illinois. And yes...we heard they were expecting LOTS of snow. The weather up there seems very volatile. Sunny in the morning followed by an ice storm in the afternoon...
Okay - that may be a little extreme but it's not too far from the truth. I hope you are keeping warm...brrrr!

and thanks so much for reaching out and leaving a comment. (and following my blog)!! a huge hug to you!!

Sage & Muse said...

Love your list! I have decided to create three lists, creative me, soulful me and beautiful me. Creative me is my list of creative projects, art, desing, growth, learning and fun. Soulful me is my dedication to nurturing my insides and beautiful me is dedicated to nurturing my outsides. Thanks for the list...I needed this push to stop breaking my promises to myself.

Maggie said...

I absolutely love your blog! I have only been a subscriber for a couple of weeks, but you are truly an inspiration and I enjoy all of the things you have shared - you are a breath of fresh air!

I just started my promise list - long overdue and plan to share this idea with my crafty-girl club.

Thanks again,


Fancy Frills Style Studio said...

Awesome promises! I wish we lived closer, I do airbrush tanning, and could help you check off one of your promises!

Unknown said...

EllBee...LOVE your "creative ME", "soulful ME" and "beautiful ME" concept. Brilliant! I'm so glad you are doing this!!

Maggie...I'm so flattered by your comments. Thank you SO much. Definitely share with your crafty-girl club. I don't know any woman who wouldn't benefit from participating. I'm so excited about this journey.

Fancy Frills...omgoodness! Too funny that you commented about the "airbrush tanning". I was a little embarrassed to put that out there - it seems so silly. But I've been so curious about the results. And I'm not a tanning bed kind of girl. I'd rather be in the sun. (but leary of the harmful rays). I've heard there are "organic" sprays too. Is this true?

Anonymous said...

You are just as cute as ever! I love reading your posts and your fabulous ideas!

I created a "life list" several years ago and have been able to check off many of the items on it. I may revisit it (thanks to your inspiration) and create an updated version.

PS--I still have a sweet note you wrote to me in high school...I need to scan it and send it to you. You are a doll.


Renee said...

This is awesome, Jess! I am really excited. 'Hope it is ok that I am a bit behind. I have not put my list on paper although I have lots of ideas whirling around. Thank you, again, for your inspiration and, of course, for your friendship! Thanks, too, for always being so special! 'So glad that we can share this all together!



Unknown said...

I've been waiting for this post and your list. Your post motivated me to create my own list, and I'm already looking foward to start working on this fun goals. Thanks for the very pretty template!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

This is a great list Jessica!!
I'm feeling this nudge from you to create my own list - better get to work on it asap!

Anders Ruff Custom Designs said...

This is GREAT, Jessica! I LOVE IT!

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

What a great way to start the year, Jess! I know you can do this! Thanks for the inspiration, too.

Kori Clark said...

I just love this Jess! SO far, my list only has about 5 things on it! While it's sure to be attainable...I think I should add more! Cheers to an amazing year of promises!!

The Hip Hostess said...

A big bouquet of Congrats to you! Your blog is a feast for the eyes! Wishing you much success & all the best.

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