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{promise ME} Monthly check in: FEBRUARY

Monday, February 28

Can you believe it's the last day of February?

With that said, how did all of you "promise ME" peeps do over the course of the month?
What goals have you actually reached?
What steps did you take to get you at least closer to achieving some of the promises you've made to yourself?

I'm really having a blast with my personal list and I'm making great progress.
I have found it imperative to pull out my list several times a week.
This allows me to stay on top of things...
and to stay excited and motivated.
It's also empowering to update my list and cross some things off.

because I strongly believe in "accountability"...
here are some updates for you on what I've been working on...

In no particular order...


DONE!!!  I officially entered the "ReMARTHAble" contest on February 18th...



DONE!!  Purchased on February 22nd...



STARTED painting on February 21st. I've got three different canvases almost finished.


February 18th:  J and I dined at Kiku's, a new Japanese Steakhouse in Mt. Dora



pedicure from Synergy salonspa on February 17th



I've been rotating having breakfast with the girls...
Clara one week, Ema the next and then both of them together.
I'm looking forward to surprising the girls by taking them to the Old Spanish Sugar Mill this coming weekend.
It's a fun little place to go where you get to make your own pancakes on a griddle right in front of you.

There are a few other things I've been working on as well...
Check out the "promise ME" page to get a "full update". (Link is at the top of the blog)
I go in here weekly and update what I've been up to.

PROMISE ME PEEPS...Don't miss out!!
There are many of you who have emailed, facebooked and twittered me about having joined in on this year-long adventure together.
Be sure to leave a comment on the "promise ME page" to let me know you are participating.
There are a few surprises along the way that I'll be sharing with "promise ME peeps" only...
I'm compiling a list of participants and don't want to miss sending someone something.
Spread the word to your friends who have joined along with you.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend...
we took Ella to the park yesterday afternoon.

She LOVES feeding the birds...sliding down slides and her favorite part? The swings...


Looking forward to a week full of fun design projects!!
Happy Monday everyone...

I honestly felt like garbage all weekend for some reason.
Still feeling yucky today too.
Despite that - I worked the treadmill on Saturday for the 6 week shape-up!

Park pictures...
That white stuff on Ella's arm in the top left picture isn't bird poop...
although J's unsuspecting leg proved to be a target for one of the birds. *wink*

That pink shirt I have on?
It's one of the "new shirt in - old shirt out" shirts from promise #24

1 comment:

Unknown said...

DeLeon Springs and the Sugar Mill is probably one of my top 4 favorite places, IN THE WORLD!!! It should be on everyone's to do list!!
Love your Promise Me idea, there is nothing like public accountability to keep you honest!

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