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it's a circus around here...

Wednesday, February 9

It's been a real CIRCUS around here lately...
literally and figuratively.

Literally speaking...
I've been working on a new CIRCUS themed collection.
and I must tell you it's turning out to be quite adorable.



Here's how it all started...
Remember the Circus Birthday Party I posted that was styled by a VERY creative woman named Nancy McPherson?
Since that post, I've had several people contact me requesting party accessories...
(I've even put one of those people in direct contact with Nancy to purchase all of her remaining fabric & paper)
I'd only designed the circus tent silhouette for Nancy - not intending on creating a circus collection at all.

That all quickly changed when I first had a very sweet customer request some celebration circles and table labels...



I was then contacted by yet another customer looking for "full-service printing" 
for invitations and coordinating party accessories...

That's how the invitation was given life...

When the same customer requested return labels for her envelopes,
I made the suggestion of using envelope wraps...and she LOVED the idea.

I'm happy to say the first portion of the order was shipped yesterday.
(invitations and envelope wraps included).


I'm still working on finishing up the other accessories to the collection but was anxious to share what's already finished.

Ready for the "figurative" part of the "CIRCUS" that's been going on around here?
I am definitely in the middle of the biggest juggling act I've ever put on...

I've been up to my eyeballs in custom design work lately.
To the point that I feel like I'm eating, breathing, sleeping, dreaming, and even coughing design work.
(Yes...I still have an annoying cough from the flu I got in January).

• I've got "craft projects" I need to finish for Valentine's Day...
• I've got recipes I'm dyin' to try...
• I still need to create my separate "promise ME" page for the blog to keep you updated...(making progress by the way)
I really need to catch up on emails (personal & business)
• I must respond to the unanswered inquiries in my etsy shoppe

• and there's a lot of bits and pieces of unrelated news I want to share with you but can't find a creative way to tie them all together...
nor can I seem to find a minute to actually post about them. 

Among all of that, I still need to find time to fill orders...
Cook dinner...
and pay attention to my family. (this being of utmost importance of course).

A lot of multi-tasking...
A lot of "juggling".
And of course I'm always in search of that elusive word: Balance

As for the design work that's been consuming every bit of my time...
I've done everything from
• recreate the Chutes and Ladders themed birthday invitation I created to accommodate a baby shower
• redesign the BUGS! themed birthday invitation for a brother/sister birthday party...
• create several different color schemes for the "Bubbles" themed shower invitation
• design a Dr. Suess themed birthday invitation
• update the ABC Collection invitation in FIVE different color schemes at the request of customers
• create a Bridal Shower Invitation
• update the Penelope Collection for several customers to coordinate with upcoming baby showers
• work on two different logo designs - and take on another one.
• create a handful of EXCLUSIVE silhouettes
• accept some more custom design work for some REALLY cute party themes

• do some design work that may potentially be published in an upcoming issue of the Nest.
(sister company to the magazine the Knot).
I'm so very excited about this opportunity!!

It's really HAS been a CIRCUS around here...
trying to juggle all of these various things.

I haven't even mentioned the Orlando Martha Stewart Dreamers Into Doers meeting...
organized by Melissa from Truly Chic Inspirations.
We've got about 20 local gals meeting up on the 19th of February at downtown Disney.
I'm REALLY excited about getting to meet up with everyone attending.

Even with a very full plate...
I've been cognizant of accomplishing things on my "promise ME" list... 
Promise #10 - 2 pieces of Janet Hill Studio art are on the way
Promise #21 - Saturday morning breakfast at First Watch with Clara & Ema
Promise #24 - New shirt in...old shirt out
Promise #33 - Mailboxes purchased. One 1/2 painted.
Promise #39 - organizing dinner with friends to meet once a month - rotating who decides on the NEW place to eat
Promise #40 - found a new music artist
Promise #43 - attempted my first video for the blog
Promise #45 - have my submission ready for the "ReMARTHAble" contest

Other random thoughts:
• Waiting on HWTM to post Ella's 2nd birthday party so that I can finally share it here on the blog. 

I share all of this to accomplish two things.
#1: to keep with my original intention for keeping a blog which is to journal & record my life/journey
#2: to justify to friends, family & "customers-in-waiting" that I really am jam-packed busy in hopes they'll continue to be patient with me!

I'm really only kidding about #2...unless you happen to be Ally...
or anyone else who happens to be anxiously awaiting to hear back from me. *wink*

I hope you all are FANTASTIC!!!
I also hope your promise ME journey has been inspiring thus far.
With a week and one day into are you doing?
What are you doing to keep your promises?
What are you doing to at least move yourself closer to being ABLE to keep those promises?
Think about it.
Hugs everyone!!

Notice I didn't mention "cleaning" in my list of to-dos...
That's pretty much taken the back burner to everything else at this point.
Aside from their normal chores, lucky for me my two older girls, (Clara & Ema) are looking for things to do to earn allowance. *wink*

And I have a confession...
Ella has been getting WAY too much television-time lately in my attempts to keep up with my design work. *frown*


Unknown said...

love it and all your designs!!!

Lili said...

love the color palette!

Craft That Party said...

I am stressed just reading all that you are juggling and very curious to see this patented item!

I am going to be BEGGING you for a boy version of the circus invitation when you come up for air.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

i'm so happy with your creation. I know it took a bit of back and forth, but I appreciate you working with me & love how it turned out =)

Nicole @ Tradewind Tiaras said...

Utterly precious! The color scheme is enchanting.

LMB said...

You have such a great eye for colors and color combos...I love the pallette that you used for this collection.

Michele @ crazyfordesign said...

Can't wait to meet you on the 19th. Keep up the good work and I hope you'll find some time to "come up for air". ;)

Renee said...

Your designs are so cute, Jess. I love them! Thanks for sharing with us. It is always great to hear from you.

Confession time! I am still working on my list. I will get it done for real. Thanks for asking. Hugs!

Aimee B. said...

I trully beleive that you need an assitant, at least to help you with the business inquiries, emails and thinsg like that. best of the collection

Aimee B. said...

The collection looks amazing. I think you need an assistant to help you with inquiries thorugh Etsy and any other business related help.

Unknown said...

I agree Aimee..seriously considering making that move at some point this year...

Angela said...

This color palette is delicious!!
So so pretty.

I agree with Aimee. You are going to need an assistant J(or just limit orders so you can stay sane). *wink*

I want to create a fun 'Promise Me' list too. I hope it's not too late!

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