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{my shoppe} Halloween Collection 2010

Thursday, September 30

Tomorrow is a new month...
And this means we are heading into a new season.
It's time to capitalize on the excitement of it all...don't you think?
I'm excited.
And if for some reason you aren't all that excited...
I want you to GET excited!!
I'm hoping my new Halloween Collection will do the TRICK...
because you are in for a real TREAT!!

• cupcake toppers •
Look at the variation of cupcake toppers you can create with this new collection!
These AWESOME cupcakes are from Cupcake Delights in Mt. Dora - flavors are listed at the bottom of this post.

next up...
make it an "Eeeeeky Clean Halloween"
• bar soap wraps •
Add some holiday flair to your guest bath or children's bath
by cutting a couple of slits on the side of the cupcake toppers, string ribbon through the slits and tie to a bar of soap.
Notice the variations of wrapping, ribbon type & placement.

Ella is obviously mesmerized by this little spider...first the the soaps! *wink*

• lunch box wraps •
Add a special sense of excitement to your little ones' lunch...
Wrapping their sandwich or adding a cupcake topper to their food items always makes lunch extra special!

• home decor wraps •
Create decorative candles, glass jars, & so much more.
You can even make napkin rings with the collection or create paper chains.

Because this product offers so many different variations of "wrapping" to add pizzazz to your holidays...
I introduce to you:
Here's a view of the two page collection you get when you place your order!

If you weren't geared up for the upcoming season - I hope you are now!!
I can't wait to see what you do with these products!
Be sure to check in tomorrow for a SWEET giveaway...

(If you are should consider picking yourself up some of these ghoulishly delicious
and boo-tiful cupcakes from Cupcake Delights)
flavors: (top to bottom, left to right)
Twice As Nice, Peanut Butter Creme, Mummified, Kahlua & Creme, Cookies & Cream, Hot Chocolate


jo anne said...

lovely! i love your brain!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

Jessica, I love the idea of wrapping soap! Too cute!!!
It's all adorable - the sandwich wraps??? LOVE!

I'm gonna have to get some of those cupcakes :)

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy. said...

Love your new halloween collection! I like how you included green into the color scheme!

Erin Kersh said...

You come up with the more thoughtful and darling ideas!

Angela said...

Lovin' your Halloween collection Jess. I'm thinking perhaps I'll make cupcakes for my coworkers and impress them with those little toppers. SUPER cute. You are so talented!!

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