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sweet & simple...

Thursday, July 15

i've tried countless vessels to house my dish soap.
are you the same way?
seems like i'm always on the search for that "perfect" container.
let's face it.
the dishes HAVE to be done.
you may as well feel pretty while you're rolling up your sleeves...
am i right!?
it's got to be pretty AND functional.
i've done everything from olive oil cruets to syrup dispensers...
this weekend i spied this little gem in world market.
my first thought?
"NO metal components."
the metal parts on the previous dispensers i've tried end up rusting over time.
i figured this might just be the "closest to perfect" dispenser yet.
& was worth the try at only $2.99!
what do you think?
sweet & simple...
(i could also see some bubble bath in this'd be SO pretty sitting next to the tub!)

i'd LOVE to hear about some of the creative things you've tried...please share!
here's to a really GOOD thursday for all of us!

Keeping It Real:
I said the newest soap dispenser was "closest to perfect"...
I have to use my finger to wipe the lip after pouring it.
But it still makes the dish washing process seem a little more posh...*wink*

- Working on a "thirsty thursday" post for next week...
- Getting ready to announce the follow-up challenge to the recent 343...(think "vegetables"...
that's all i'm saying!!)
- Writing an article for a magazine who recently contacted me - exciting!
- Considering participating in an invitation design contest - if you've got the goods, you should enter!!
- Had my girls create a "dream bedroom notebook" a couple of days ago - just cutting favorite pictures from magazines and pasting them onto paper - perfect for the "down time" during summer.


LMB said...

great find...and I can't wait to hear about the article you're working on for a magazine!

Katrina at Seaside Interiors said...

I think this soap dispenser idea is charming! I am the same...I want everything to be pretty :) How wonderful that you are writing a magazine article....I'm sure it'll be excellent, as all of your work is :)

Lindsay said...

What a cute idea! :)

Just this... Alice said...

Now you're talking. This has to be my all time favorite solution to that dilema. Thank you so much for sharing. I must find me one of these as there is a sofa right by my open kitchen counter that has the sink in it, and I have to "hide" everything to make it look presentable.

Elyse said...

adorable idea (and lovely photo).


Beth said...

At the moment I use an over-sized pink sponge to house my soap dispenser as the middle is a bit caved in and a perfect fit. Not the most creative, I know, but I think it looks pretty cute.

Unknown said...

i'm so glad you enjoyed this "sweet & simple" way to add some "pretty" to dishwashing...*wink*

katherine & lisa...very excited about the magazine article. Details soon.

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