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{inspiration} the lettered cottage

Monday, July 12

first let me say this...
i had a GREAT weekend!
i hope all of you did the same.

and then...
let me admit this...
remember the big plans for finishing all of the painting?
not a lick of it got done.

instead of posting pictures of my fabulous "unfinished" paint job throughout our home...
i'm going to treat you to some WONDERFUL design/makeover pictures from one of my new favorite blogs: the lettered cottage

these are some of my favorite images from "screened in" - an e-zine created by the lettered cottage found here

notice the use of that lovely vintage blue color i seem to be drawn to...(see this post)
i SO have plans for painting a couple of pieces of furniture in my house this same color...
and would you look at the wall with the quote on!!

i love the splashes of reds & yellows everywhere.
i'm completely loving the shelving hung on the wall...
it looks like it could've been a desk hutch at one point? what do you think?

can't go wrong with yellow & vintage blue...along with some yellow & white polka dots mixed in
they mention the use of "country white" walmart paint a couple of different times...
i should probably check it out!!

by the way, they refer to this room as the "lemonade mermaid"...
don't miss the shutters as the headboard...they were once black...

if you follow me on facebook, you may have already seen my post about the lettered cottage.
they just added this "lemonade mermaid" segment to the e-zine so i encourage you to go back and take another look.
who WOULDN'T want to continue to go back to take in the lovely details of this fabulous transformation?!
i adore it.
a HUGE thank you to the lettered cottage for some WONDERFUL design/decor inspiration!!

happy monday!

Keeping It Real:
Am I upset about not getting painting done?
Not really.
The guy we've commissioned to make our harvest table ended up coming over mid-morning.
We made some real headway with decisions on wood-type, leg style and potential finishes.
I'm SO excited.
although (dot. dot. dot.)
we haven't gotten his quote yet.
keeping my fingers crossed that I don't faint when I see it. *wink*


Lettered Cottage said...

Thank you for putting together such a sweet post!!! :-)

I love how you used different colored cute!

And thank you for all the kind things you said about our Screened Inn project- you made our day!

Layla & Kevin :-)

Moore Minutes said...

I am hooked on your blog right now (in case you couldn't tell lol) ;) The Lettered Cottage is incredible!! I'm a big fan. Her decorating style is just perfect. I did my dining room over after seeing some of her beautiful work.

Unknown said... are amazing. It was my honor to feature your fabulous talent on my blog.

{L} - you are amazing yourself! So glad to have found you!!

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