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the number three...

Monday, July 19

it's a number that appears continuously in some form or fashion in my life.
it's always been there...
it's my birth "DAY".
it's part of my address (and multiple other addresses through the years)
it indicates the number of children i've had.
it's one of the numbers in j's birthDAY.
it's ema's birthday MONTH.
if you times it by 7 it's Clara's birthDAY...*wink*
and the list goes on.

so what's my point?
remember the post from awhile back about the list of "creative" goals i wanted to reach before my next birthday? (see here).
this metal number three signifies the start of goal #35:
"start collecting "numbers" for home decor"
(my original intention was to collect "letters" but i revised my thinking).
i'm envisioning a wall filled with numbers that are significant to our family.
the wall may or may not include photos too - i haven't quite decided.

i'm just really excited to have taken the first step towards achieving this fun "before birthday" goal!
i've only got 4 months left to accomplish the things on my list. yikes!

hopefully this post will inspire you to get out those personal goals you may have forgotten about.
you know...
the ones you originally set for yourself at the beginning of the year.
the ones that may have escaped your mind by now.

here's to a GREAT week...
a week filled with steps towards achieving our goals!!
whatever they may be!


Lindsay said...

I LOVE numbers as home decor :)

Gypsy Heart said...

Great idea! I like letters and numbers...choices, choices.

Have a wonderful week ~

Bird said...

This is a great goal!!

My hubs also has a number that keep propping up in his life and your post made me smile and think of him! :)

I like the number 3 and 5 and might steal this goal for myself, if you don't mind terribly... :)


Unknown said...

Wow that sounds like a great idea! So fun! You will never guess what my favorite number is?? Give up?? Three! 3!

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