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did you hear the buzz? (& a few other designs)

Monday, April 19

i thought this bug themed birthday invite turned out super adorable!
i'm getting ready to put it in my etsy shoppe as soon as i've finalized things with the client who requested it.
(and there will be matching party accessories...of course)! *wink*

and then here's another design request...

(an owl-themed baby shower)

don't you just love that color combination?! it's perfect for either a boy OR a girl!
this too will be available soon in the shoppe.

i've got to work on getting some moving cards done too...
i'm tempted to just use THIS design i shared with you awhile back:

it'd save me from having to create something new...
but it's so "out-of-character" for me to NOT do something new.
i mean, afterall,
this IS a moving card for OUR actual move...
i could always use this design too...

this is another proof i did for the same client...

on a different note, the majority of the weekend was spent over at the old house...again.
there's still things to get out of the attic and some loose ends to tie up.
i can't wait to be completely done over there.
(and do i dare mention the garage sale we'll be having at the old house???)
am i nuts?
like i don't have enough things to do?! *wink*

friday night was GREAT though.
we attended the first annual talent show at the elementary school...
ema was debuting her drum talents.
she did great!
she was so confident too.
i love her.

okay...i'm starting the week off right by jumping back into my routine of blogging...
i'll do some walking/jogging later...
and i'll be getting some design work done too.
i've GOT to do something about my eating.
it's been completely out of control because we've been so out of our routine around here.
today is a new day...a new week...
and i'm ready to make a new start. (despite having eaten 1/2 a snickers bar i found in the fridge this morning)...*shhhh*

let's make it a great week people!

Keeping It Real
I seemed REALLY grumpy this weekend.
I also felt like a mom who doesn't know how to have fun & is too serious all of the time.
I don't like feeling that way.
but J reeled me back in and we had a "sit down".
He sure knows how to put things in perspective for me.
He keeps me grounded. I tend to be irrational at times. (a lot of times). *wink*


Rebecca said...

Great job on the bug themed birthday invite! I can visualize a whole party! Boy themes are so hard, especially ones that bigger boys would go for-good for you!

Renee said...

Thanks for sharing with us, Jess! All of your designs are really cool. 'Hope all goes well as you finish up your move completely.

Take care and Hugs, too,


Angela said...

Love these new designs Jess. If we move someday, I'd love to use the one with the birds nesting in their new tree. Absolutely adorable!!

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