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clever or corny?

Thursday, April 22

this is a perfect example of one of those "designing moments".
a moment where i sit back and scratch my head.
this could be considered clever.
it could also be deemed corny.
i haven't quite decided which one it is.
this is the result of not wanting to keep things simple.
as you know...
we've recently moved and i need to send out "change of address" cards.
i could just use one of the moving cards i've already created for other clients.
but the desire to come up with something new has led me to this.
and i don't think it's "us".
but maybe that's okay.
i haven't quite decided.

but here's another example of a very DIFFERENT "designing moment".

this is a RARE occurrence.
i found out about a particular mom's abhorrence to
her soon-to-be three year old son's request for a typical bowling alley party.
she was devastated.
she had dreams of a "vintage" or "retro" boy party hosted in a beautiful setting with gorgeous photography opportunities.
but we all know...
sometimes our children's requests/wishes outweigh our heart's desires.
so i was bound and determined to get her excited about this party.
i volunteered to create some fun invites and without any additional information from her...
THIS is what i came up with.
what is so RARE about this design is the fact that i "hit the nail right on the head"...
WITHOUT any additional information from her to get started.
her response when she saw the proof?

Did you read my mind? The colors are spot on..literally. The bowling alley's colors are chocolate, tan and an aqua-ish color. So, I love the touch of red! Perfection!

I LOVE when that happens!
Hugs to you Stephanie...

I'll be offering this design in my shoppe...soon.
(seems like i've been offering lots of "soons" lately...) *wink*

tomorrow is friday and then we have the weekend ahead of us.
yesterday our entire yard was tilled up. (the grass had to be replaced).
they are finishing up laying the sod today.
it's amazing how much different a house can look with "green" grass. *wink*

Keeping It Real
I was up for 3 hours last night with my little Ema.
She's had a cough/congestion for the past few days and she spiked a 102 fever.
Doctor's appt. in an hour.
Boy am I exhausted...
I had to cancel my hair appointment for today because Ema is home sick.
I feel guilty because I was really grumpy about being up with her last night.
I've been doing a lot of "grumpy" lately.
Not sure what my deal is but I'd better straighten myself out.


Sharnel said...

Firstly, most Mama's would have been grumpy and I would have been pretty pissed that I had to miss my hair appointment. But you get over it pretty soon.
Don't bet yourself up, we all do that too much to ourselves.
You were there for her and you will be there for her today too.

Regarding the "we've moved" I LOVE IT!!! Not corny at all.


Lindsay said...

Oh I LOVE that "We've moved" SO cute and fun! Hope you are having a great week!!

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy. said...

Love the "we've moved" card, I think this is a very creative and unique idea!

Sage & Muse said...

Fish bowl: Since I don't know your family, I can't tell if it's you or not, but it perfectly conveys the process of moving--one feels like a fish out of water until the swells settle. And, all you little fishies are in a bigger bowl, smiling with barettes and headbands...this is a good thing. I love it! Your designs are always great.

Tammy said...

I love the card design and I can sooo... relate to the mother of the bowling birthday party. THe older they get the harder it is! Congrats on the move! Can't wait to see the new house pics!

Anne said...

Sometimes creativity does not come from nowhere. They need stimulation. For some people, it's in their mind all the time. Which type are you?


i think the we moved is clever. if it fits your personality.

I LOVE that bowling invitation so much!

Amy H. said...

Two thumbs up way up for the we have moved card, classic!

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