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spring fever(s)

Friday, April 30

we've been hit with spring fever(s) around here!
not the cleaning kind of spring fevers...
the sick kind of fevers.
so i apologize for being missing in action over the past week.
the clouds are beginning to lift and i can see a glimpse of sunshine...finally.

remember ema being sick last week with a fever?
(and i had to cancel my hair appointment...urghhh)...*wink*
she ended up staying home from school for two days -
she had a really bad sinus infection & was put on antibiotics.

but then...
little ella pie woke up saturday night.


the "having to change the crib sheets in the middle of the night & give the baby a bath" kind of sick.

it's the first time she's ever been sick...
so i really have nothing to gripe about.
but sunday brought with it 103 degree temperatures & a call to the doctor.
my week turned into doctor visits...lab work at the hospital
and aside from the "upset stomach" on saturday night...
no other real symptoms except for fever and LOTS of this...

and lots of these weepy-eyed expressions...

my days were filled with clinginess, grouchiness, & "mom...i just don't feel good and i want to be held" cries.
i know most of you have experienced this sort of thing.
it's heartbreaking because you want them to feel better.
and it's frustrating because you want them to feel better. *wink*
i won't even go into the traumatic experience at the hospital lab...
let's just say ella has 2 badly bruised arms AND two badly bruised hands.
i was NOT happy.
and of course neither was ella.

while most of you were enjoying a normal week...
ella and i were immersed in pickles and popsicles - trying to keep her hydrated.

and even in the middle of all of the "i'm tired of popsicles & pickles".....

she still managed to do this...

and this....


everyone in the house is just about back to 100%.
ema is on an overnight sea world field trip today with school
ella was fever-free as of yesterday.
"so long spring fevers! don't let the door hit you in the bum on your way out!" *grin*

i'm looking forward to a very different weekend.
and i'm hoping each of you had a much better week than i did.
& that your weekend is even MORE wonderful.

Keeping It Real
kids being sick sure takes it toll on us...doesn't it!?
and now i'm playing "catch up".
on everything...
the good news is...the sick days help us appreciate the good days...*wink*

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