Thursday, May 30

COMING UP | Celebration Brownies

It's time to CELEBRATE!

I've reached another milestone in my Whole30 Challenge.

Today marks 60 Days of strength, commitment, perseverance and determination.
I've successfully navigated my way through a maze of hurdles, temptations and moments of weakness with regards to food.

The Whole30 people would probably disapprove of me celebrating with FOOD. *frown*
The Whole30 is only a 30 day challenge...
I've pushed myself even harder and doubled the challenge to 60 days so far.
My goal is to go a full 90 days without grains, sugar, dairy and legumes...
which means I am two-thirds of the way there.

I deserve a little somethin'-somethin'!
I whipped up tiny batch of these and they turned out absolutely tasty...

Whole30 Approved - No-Bake Raw Vegan Brownies

This Whole30 approved tasty treat is just what I needed to celebrate.
I totally deserved this!
I will be sharing my entire step-by-step process for making these tomorrow. Whole30 results?
I promised to share them if they were noteworthy so here they are:

DAY 60 UPDATE (Days 31-60)
go here for the results from Days 1-30
- more energy
- sleeping more soundly
- definite change in the way my clothes are fitting
- feeling lighter
- bloating is almost non-existent

and I said before...
although this isn't the most important one...
it's certainly the most weight.

During the last 30 days, I lost another 9 lbs.
Add that to the 11 lbs. I lost during the first 30 days...
and my total weight loss is exactly 20 lbs.
(I can't believe I even just said that).

Again - I have only changed my eating.
I have not yet incorporated any exercise - still working with a local chiropractor on alleviating some back pain I've had for the last 8+ months).

Feeling pretty awesome today!
Celebrate with me!

I only made 9-10 bite sized brownies.
I ate 3 or 4 yesterday...
I've already eaten 3 today...
and I've only got 3 left. *wink*


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