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all it takes...

Tuesday, February 9

yes...we've all seen these little morsels before.
they're simple & easy.
but sometimes we forget about the simple things...
because we've already tried them.
but we NEED simple in our lives.
"simple" inspires people who are lacking the time or energy.
& sometimes all it takes is a reminder to keep things simple...
so here's your "official" reminder...

all it takes is 3 simple ingredients & a few minutes of your time...

combine the three & you're minutes away from these....

i call them pretzel buttons...
super adorable, delightfully simple
valentine's day treats

try using the caramel-striped hershey kisses for some added pizzazz!

oh so stylish...
oh so cute...
& oh so delish!
wouldn't these be PERFECT for a party incorporating zebra print?!

preheat oven to 170 degrees.
gather your ingredients.
unwrap hershey kisses.
layout the square pretzels on a cookie sheet.
place one kiss on top of each pretzel.
bake for 5-6 minutes. (until the kiss becomes shiny and soft)
remove from oven.
smoosh an m&m on top (logo side down). this "glues" all 3 layers together
let cool completely. (pop'em in the fridge for 10-15 if you like)

- valentine m&m's were hard to find even a week ago.
i found the breast cancer awareness version & favored the hot pink vs. the lighter shade.
- do NOT make these days in advance for your event/celebration. after 2 days, the 1st ones i made started cracking & turning white...making it look like "old" chocolate. (result from heating chocolate in the oven?)
- be ready to put the m&m's on right when you pull them out of the oven.
- the caramel centered kisses melted easier/faster - don't squish too hard.

have a super tuesday everyone...
feelin' energized!

Keeping It Real
I had to make these twice. The first ones sat for two days, wrapped in cellophane, waiting for me to take pictures. By then the chocolate had turned white-ish. oops!

I went to 4 stores last week trying to find the Valentine's mix of m&m's. I was getting mighty frustrated. There ended up being ONE bag left of the susan g. komen breast cancer awareness mix... in the very last store. lucky me! (so i went ahead & snatched up the st. patrick's day mix - already on display - to avoid frustration next month). *wink*


Tammy said...

Love these! I saw some on another blog that used round pretzels but I couldn't find any here, so I never made them. Its nice to see I can use the square ones too. Love the kisses on them.

Roberta said...

Too cute...if you don't mind I'm sharing this with my friends/family on my facebook page. Just love how simple and sweet these are! Fondly, Roberta

jess @ pen n' paperflowers said... may absolutely share this on your facebook page...i'd be flattered.

as long as the source is always sited i'm ALWAYS a big fan of sharing and passing the information along. the more the merrier...that's what this blog is inspire! *wink*

Candi Ladwig said...

I make these for every holiday!! We love them. They are so quick and easy the kids can help... but I gotta say, yours look PERFECT!! I am going to try to make mine as perfect as yours next time!! :)

Angela Gerber said...

Thx for sharing Jess. These look EASY and I like easy. *wink*
Next year I'll try baking these for my coworkers!

alanna. said...

These are SO adorable!! I'm excited to make these for a Jungle-themed baby shower I'm planning for a friend!

xo Alanna

jess @ pen n' paperflowers said...

Alanna...Oh these would be adorable for a jungle themed party!!

lisalyn said...

Ah...I just made these. SO Cute! :)
I'm getting ready for a big zoofabulous party and these will be a great addition. Thanks for sharing.
Oh...I left the "m" side up since the party is for maci...perfect. :)

jess @ pen n' paperflowers said...

Lisa...what a GREAT idea to leave the "m" side-up since it's a party for "Maci"! Adorable!!!

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