Tuesday, March 17

drivin' me nuts

not having a functioning computer right now is drivin' me nuts. thank goodness for phone technology - allowing me to post mobile.
i have so much to talk about....so much to update you on. ema's dinner from the other night has yet to be posted, clara's awesome band performance with the dallas brass...ema's 10th b/day, the spring colors i'm totally in love with, ella turning 4 months, ella with a fever today from her shots yesterday...a new computer on the way thanks to some feedback from two superstars...rhonna & heidi, martha's new blog: www.thecraftsdept.com , the photographer's workshop i'll be starting on the 31st, my pursuit for a ga degree...again, "eating clean" news and so much more. hang in there with me. i'm hoping to be up and running some time this week - keeping fingers crossed. make your tuesday tops...people!


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