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Thursday, November 9

Sometimes all we need is the simplest of things to bring a little joy to our lives or even usher in feelings that take us back through time.

Today I'm sharing something that does both of those things for me.
We're talking about the perfect ratio of cinnamon + sugar today.

Yep. Seems simple enough.
Cinnamon + sugar...specifically cinnamon + sugar toast. 

It takes me back to my grandparent's kitchen.
It's morning and I can hear my grandparents grandmother looking out the bay window as my grandfather prepares her simple breakfast - usually coffee and a slice of pecan coffee cake or  maybe toast with orange marmalade.

I can clearly see them with their backs to me, watching the birds in the bird feeder together...discussing my grandfather's next scheme to prevent the squirrels from stealing the bird seed. (his last attempt of vaseline on the post didn't resolve the problem).

I can smell the cup of coffee sitting on the table in front of my grandmother and I can visualize the tiny details etched on the sides of the small, simple corelle coffee cup.  The smell of the perfectly golden toast my grandfather is eating fills the air - very thinly sliced bread from the bakery - butter only. If I'm still enough, I can even hear the specific sound the butter knife makes as my grandfather scrapes it across the perfectly browned toast.

As for my toast, my grandfather sprinkles cinnamon + sugar on top. And it's delightful.
He just eye-balls the amounts of cinnamon + sugar and it always seems to be the perfect ratio.
Wow! So many fond memories and small little details I thought I'd forgotten about.

I've treated my girls to the same cinnamon + sugar toast on occasion and of course, they too thought it was delightful. I often accidentally sprinkle on a little too much cinnamon which then means I have to add more sugar to achieve a more balanced ratio.

The other day, in preparation for my Hot Cocoa Bar this year, I was preparing a salt shaker filled with the perfect cinnamon + sugar combination for one of this year's hot cocoa flavors. simple as this little secret is...I thought you might appreciate me sharing it with you.

1/4 cup granulated sugar
1 TBSP ground cinnamon

Shake it up and it's ready.
Use a ziplock bag or salt shaker for shaking. Or just add it to a bowl and mix well.

Use this for toast, sprinkling snickerdoodle cookies or adding a little bit of extra to your hot cocoa!

That's it!
And that's my favorite.

PS - Love my copper + glass salt shaker? I found a set of two right here!

Here's to taking a few minutes today to think about something simple from your childhood that floods you with joy and memories you didn't know you had tucked away.

Love you friends!!

The Hot Cocoa bar isn't up yet. I made some alterations to the sign and actually moved the piece of furniture I was using into the guest bedroom. J's parents are here visiting from Illinois for the next 5 days so I'll get back to the cocoa bar soon!


Leticia said...

This is amazing ! Thank you . Also, where did you find your copper measuring spoons and cups? ��

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Hi Leticia - having issues with seeing everyone's comments and feel bad I didn't respond sooner.
Here's a link to my copper measuring cups and spoons:
Thanks for visiting the blog! xoxo, Jess

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