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FREE | You Color My World Valentine

Thursday, February 11

So I wish I could've pulled myself together last week and gotten these posted sooner... can do two things with this FREE "You Color My World" Valentine Exchange idea...

1. Print it today for handing them out tomorrow - because you need a last minute idea! *wink*
2. Pin it for next year - so you don't forget about it! *wink*

Maybe some of you will choose both options?
In either case, this is an adorable non-candy exchange option and it's SUPER easy.
Print, cut and tape on whatever "colorful" item you want your child to hand out to his/her classmates.

I chose to attach these adorable mini shuttle pens because it gives the kids ALL of the colors in the rainbow but you can substitute a few crayons, a Crayola Pip Squeak Markera few mini colored pencils or if you want to use candy, try these Mentos Mini Rainbow Candies or these My Little Pony Candy Powder Rainbow Straws

Disclaimer: I've never tried either of the candy options mentioned - and I don't know the real dimensions as far as fitting onto the packaging nicely.

I used some cute Washi Tape I picked up from Office Depot while I was having these printed.
You could also use glue dots.  *complete supply list at bottom of post*

Have your kiddo write in the name of their classmate at the top and then sign their own name at the bottom. I wish I would've taken a photo of Ella making hers. Dang it!! #momfail

I hope you love it!
Stay tuned for TWO other freebies coming this afternoon - for the teacher, co-worker, friend and for your beau! *wink*

Yep! I'll be posting twice today!! 
Because I love ya!!


Corner Rounder Tool - I used something similar to this.

Got to run back to the printer - I forgot to have some printed for Ella's gymnastics team. 
But hey! That means I can actually take a photo of her writing them out this time! *wink* 


Jen said...

This is perfect timing for me! :) This year I was so last minute on Valentine's cards for my kids so I picked up crayons yesterday for my little one to give out and I wanted a cute saying to go with it. This is perfect!! Thanks for sharing!!

Jen said...

This is perfect timing for me! I was so last minute on Valentine's cards for my kids this year. I just picked up crayons yesterday for my little one with the intent of adding a cute printout with them. This fits the bill perfectly!!! Thanks for sharing!

Shwetablog said...


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