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LET'S TALK TUESDAY | No. 4 :: Fonts + Blogging Tips

Tuesday, February 2

Good Morning friends!
I'm so excited to sit down with you today for our weekly meet-up.
I mean who doesn't love a little coffee, cocoa and conversation...right?

I think you are going to love today's "Let's Talk Tuesday" (LTT) questions I've picked to answer so let's get right to it...

Where do you get all the fonts for your art prints? Thanks! Monika W.

As a designer and someone who loves to do hand-lettering and doodling, I use a combination of my own hand-lettered fonts as well as fonts I've purchased. Anytime a person uses a font to create something for resale, a "Commercial Use" or "Extended License" for each font must be purchased. (which is why I try to use my own lettering a lot of the time - fonts can get expensive).

Although a lot of my fonts have been purchased from, you guys are going to go nuts over the new place I've been using for the last six months or so...Creative Market!!

They have a wonderful selection of modern calligraphy fonts and LOTS of other fun stuff over there!!   I LOVE it over there and I know you will too. It's easy to become addicted.

My most recent font purchase was Ink BanditsI used it to help create this NEW "Our Story is My Favorite Love Story Art Print in the shoppe!


Q: Hi Jessica! Have you ever or would you consider "mentoring" someone who wanted to start a blog? Or maybe a LTT question with a shorter answer would be: Do you have a list of 5 tips for someone to get them started? I have wanted to for probably 5 years and just haven't done it for whatever reason and just need that little push. Thank you, Andrea B.

A: Wow! This question totally made me blush. First, I've never thought about mentoring someone who wanted to start a blog because honestly, I've never been I'm completely flattered by your interest. That's not to say I haven't been asked a variety of questions through the years by friends, family and others who are curious about blogging and how it all works exactly. I'm certainly no expert but with seven years of blogging under my belt, I'm happy to share what I've learned and what has worked best for me. are my SIMPLE blogging tips for starting a blog:

First answer this question: "Why do you want to start a blog?"
Your answer will help guide you on your blog journey.
Next, figure out what YOU love. What makes YOU happy? What warms YOUR heart? These are the things you should write about. These are the things your blog should be built on. These are the things that will fuel your passion as you begin your blog and these are the also the things that will continue to keep you motivated on your blogging journey.

Keep your blog and the process of starting one simple - especially in the beginning. I've been using the Blogger platform forever. It's simple and it's FREE. Try out a free blogging platform to make sure you love it before committing to a monthly or annual fee. Here's a roundup of "The 10 Best FREE Blogging Platforms"

Take some time to really look at the blogs you follow and read to figure out the things about each one you love. Is it the layout, simple design, color palette, content, photography? More than likely, you'll notice a pattern of elements you are drawn to that will help you define your own style. Use the inspiration to guide you as you design your own blog.

Imagery is what draws people in; Your words and content are what keeps them there.
Posting photos is a BIG part of blogging. You do NOT have to be a professional photographer or hire a professional photographer or have a fancy professional camera. For awhile there, I was posting photos from my iPhone because I got lazy and the process was a lot more simple compared to using my old DSLR. Just know that large, high quality, photos are essential.

If your photography skills leave you feeling intimidated or discouraged, you may want to try:

PHOTO EDITING APPS to help enhance your pictures before loading them onto your blog.
My favorite is Pic Tap Go because it's SO super easy and I've just recently played around with A Color Story.

PHOTOGRAPHY BOOKS for inspiration and learning the basics.
Here are a couple of suggestions:
1. A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book - I have this one and it's great for visual inspiration.
2. Picture Perfect Social Media: A Handbook for Styling Perfect Photos for Posting, Blogging and Sharing - I don't have this one but it sounds super helpful.

Check out these Photography tips and tools from Melissa over at Design, Eat, Repeat.  (again, the phone cameras these days provide great quality photos for posting on the web so don't get hung up on the equipment). I just thought you might find it interesting.

Last but not least, my final "simple" tip for starting a blog is...

If you've been thinking about starting a blog for a long time, it's time to stop "thinking" about it.
Jump in and try it! Whether you love it or leave it, at least you will actually know either way because you took a chance. Don't overthink it. Just do it. Jump!!

And that's it for today my friends!
I hope you are inspired and feel like you've just sat down with your best girlfriend for some quick trade secrets. *wink*

Keep sending in your questions...I'll keep on answering them!!

1. Email me directly: pnpflowersinc AT gmail DOT com
2. Leave a question on my Instagram feed anytime.
3. Leave it as a comment here on the blog.

Battling a headcold over here people. My left ear is completely clogged. Ugh!
BUT...our master bedroom got painted this weekend - thanks to J's help.
Want a tiny peek? Check out my Instagram Feed!
Here is the BEFORE  and a teeny tiny peek at the AFTER.

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