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Wednesday, February 10

a Pen + Paper Flowers original quote - please do not copy!

Good morning friends!!
Valentine's Day is on our heels and I'm way behind in my preparations, how about you?
If you are scrambling to come up with something, and you missed me mentioning the "Our Story is my Favorite Love Story" art print, it might just be the missing detail for your special day. You can print + frame this to give to the love(s) of your life - including your kiddos. 
Toss in some candy or flowers and I'd say you are good to go!!

DOWNLOAD THE ART PRINT HERE - comes in three sizes!

I pinky promise to share with you the cute Valentine's Day ideas I have TOMORROW!!
(one of which is a FREE printable I'm using for Ella's 1st grade Valentine Exchange on Friday).

Pretty sure I'll be "MINC-ing" this art print and using it as part of my master bedroom makeover.
P.S. I think the meds are starting to kick in but I completely lost ALL steam after yesterday's post!!
P.P.S. I answered your questions about Pens and Gold Foiling...just in case you missed it! *wink*

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