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FREE | Valentine's Day Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Thursday, February 11

Introducing the cutest Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar labels...just in time for Valentine's Day!!
These charming labels are the perfect way to say I love you. (or even "I Like You) to everyone in your life. (kids, co-workers, friends, teachers, and of course, your beau).

Ghirardelli has a fun selection of chocolate bar flavors to choose from - and two sizes. (Small gold bar on the left, large gold bar on the right). And the labels fit BOTH sizes! Hello!! Bonus!!

And check out the gold foil wrapper! It's perfection.

Here's a closer peek at the smaller bar...

And a closer peek at the larger bar...

Just print off the labels...trim to size with a cute pair of gold scissors (totally optional)
and secure with some totally cute gold glitter washi tape (or any of these) on the back!! So easy!

TIP: If you want more of the gold to show - just trim a little more off the top and bottom of the label.
(see the difference between the "hearts" label and the "Love You More Than" label).

The "Love You More Than Chocolate..but ummm yeah, can we share this?" label is my favorite. know it's the truth! *wink*

Here are the links to download the FREE LABELS:
Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar HEARTS label
Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar LOVE YOU MORE THAN CHOCOLATE label
Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar BUT UMM...CAN WE SHARE THIS label

If you are an email subscriber, you'll also be receiving the BONUS labels:
Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar - LIKE YOU MORE THAN CHOCOLATE
Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar OUR STORY IS MY FAVORITE LOVE STORY - a Pen + Paper Flowers original quote - please do not copy!
Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar LOVE YOU MORE THAN CHOCOLATE
with these additional funny phrases:
        1. but don't get crazy and not share this with me
        2. did you know sharing is a true sign of love?

If you want these EXTRA labels too, you still have time to SIGN UP! Emails go out later tonight!!
Otherwise, I hope you love the three FREE downloads!

I hope you are as smitten with these adorable labels as I am!!
Use them! You still have plenty of time!!

Did you miss the TWO BONUS BLOG POSTS with MORE FREE PRINTABLE from earlier today?
Teachers Who Love Teaching - today only download
You Color My World Valentine

Love you my friends!
Thanks for being here today for the marathon of blog posts and free printables!

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

I may or may not have had to run to CVS (three different times) to replenish my supply of candy bars to be able to photograph them for this photo shoot.


Anonymous said...

Tried to print the Um But Ya We Can Share This and it won't come up. It brings up the Love You More Than Chocolate.
Any thoughts? Is the link incorrect?

These are so cute and perfect!
Thank you

Tori said...


SandraLane said...

Thank you!!

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