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BOOK CLUB | August Selection :: Today, Tomorrow, & Every Day

Wednesday, July 15

I'm sooo excited about the book selection I've picked for August!
It's a brand-new book from Live-Inspired entitled "Today, Tomorrow & Every Day" and it centers on living a brave + real + gorgeous life!

The book itself is beautiful with gilded edges, laser-cut end sheets and a foil-stamped cover.

It's written by my favorite inspirational author - M.H. Clark and the pages hold words of wisdom + thoughtful insight about how "Her life is her is her art. She makes it, day by day, hour by hour, into something she is proud to call her own. You recognize her, and you recognize her life because it is your life, too." (words on the back cover)

This is so eloquent...and so true...isn't it?

I hope you'll join me in August as we dive into this simple + uplifting read.
I've got an extra copy to send to someone too!!

All you have to do is read the "She hadn't always been this way..." quote pictured above and leave a comment here on the blog answering the question below:

I haven't always been as...

I'll pick a winner and announce it in the comments on this same page at some point over the weekend! So check back or follow me on Instagram or Facebook to await the announcement!

In the meantime, here's my answer:
I haven't always been as good at letting little things go, being prayerful in my decisions and trusting in God and his plans for me. I still have a lot of work ahead of me...because I'm still learning and arranging and rearranging. *wink*

And if you want to go ahead and order the book for yourself or a friend you can find it RIGHT HERE.

I awoke this morning with a completely different book selection in mind, ready to announce it to the world. And as much as I don't really like to change things up at the last minute, upon further research I realized that particular book was not going to fall in line with the standard guidelines of the PNPF Book Club after all - which should be a super easy inspirational read for busy people without a lot of time to commit to reading. 

I was led to the "Today, Tomorrow & Every Day" book and was inspired to go with that one instead.
Not even 10 minutes after my decision to switch up the book, (and ordering it online), I received a package from UPS; a box of goodies from Live-Inspired. Guess what book was in that box? Yep! What an awesome confirmation that this book truly is the one meant for us to read for the month of August!

On a more serious note, if you missed the news about my friend, Heidi Swapp, unexpectedly losing her 16 year old son last week, please see this post or this post or this post on Instagram.  There are ways you can reach out to her and her family to offer some comfort and love, should you feel moved to do so. 


Paula North said...

I haven't always been good at keeping my thoughts to myself (Prov 13:3), not worrying about the details (Phil 4:6-7) and trusting that He knows better (Prov 3:5-6). I still have a lot of work ahead of me...because I'm still learning and arranging and rearranging. (Phil 1:6 and Col 2:10)

pa underscore north at

Bouresgirl said...

I haven't always been as...patient with others as I should be. I have to make myself stop and remember my children are sometimes doing something for the first time and to teach instead of rush. Slow down, live in the moment...we are in it for the long journey.

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

I love your answer Andrea - I feel like I've become more impatient with people the older I get and I'm not sure why because I sure know a lot more now and feel like I'm more understanding because of life experiences and yet I still feel like I'm more impatient. (Maybe it's hormones). Ha!! And you are absolutely right about children are doing things for the first time and it's exciting for them. They really do teach us so much - don't they!!

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Thanks for commenting Paula! (and linking to the scriptures for reference). It's not always easy to bite our tongue and I struggle with the worry monster as well. There is so much peace when we just trust in Him - thank you so much for the reminder and the time you've taken to leave a comment!!

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