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Tuesday, July 28

If you live in Central Florida or any nearby surrounding areas, you are definitely going to be interested in what I'm sharing with you today!!

And for those of you who don't fall into that category...I apologize in advance for any feelings of jealousy this post may conjure up!

There's a FUN, Orlando-based annual event that's coming up on Saturday, September 19th!!
It's a one-day conference filled to the hilt with inspiration for creatives, bloggers, shop owners, event planners, entrepreneurs and the creative at heart.

The day will start off with delicious coffee + macarons and will then be followed by 10 expert-lead round table discussions, an inspiring keynote speaker + presentation by Brandi Schaffran-Webb, wedding photographer of Alexis June Weddingsa catered lunch, craft hour, complimentary headshots, a fabulous dinner party to end the day and a fantastic swag bag filled with things to inspire!!

This intimate blogging conference held at East End Market is something designed to light your fire, educate and provide you with the opportunity to connect with others!! There are only 25 tickets available each year making it super exclusive and personal compared to a typical conference with 400+ attendees. As a mom, I LOVE that it's a one-day event so that I can have a day to myself without the hassle of planning, (or guilt), that comes from leaving my family for 3-4 days.

I'm really excited about the PROFESSIONAL COMPLIMENTARY HEADSHOTS each attendee will receive - that alone is worth the entire ticket price. 

I'm also super pumped about the CRAFT HOUR with Sarah Khandjian where we will be making motivational banners together!!

photo source: Urban Outfitters

There's going to be a swag bag filled with things to inspire...
like these beautiful gold-foiled Motto Journals from one of the event sponsors, my absolutely favorite inspirational company on the planet...Compendium!!

Attendees will also be receiving a COMPLIMENTARY MANI tucked in their swag bags from Marilyn Monroe Spas.

Then there's the dinner portion of the event...which is something I've actually been working on behind-the-scenes to help pull together!  It's going to be a wonderful way to end an amazing day!!

Again, if you are local, you should SO come to this!!
I know there are a few tickets left to snag and you can grab one for $50 off the ticket price by using the promo code: BuildingMyEmpire

Head to the Blog Fête website to find out more about the event sponsors, the team that helps put this all together, more specifics about the event itself and to purchase one of the last remaining Blog Fête tickets.

I could totally use a new headshot...
I better get to working on my fitness and get my hair done - *wink*


Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

So fun! You are going to love Brandi! I spent some time with her last year at Inspired and she's such a sweetheart! Miss you xoxo

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Oh I'm missing you too sweet Kim! I'm excited to know you'll be hanging with Kori at Inspired this Fall though - that should be SO much fun!! I look forward to meeting Brandi - especially since you've already had the privilege to and you're telling me she's a sweetheart! Hugs!!

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