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LIFE | A Good Night's Rest

Thursday, July 23

We have had a crappy mattress for about 8 years now.
Over the last 2 or 3 it's become almost physically unbearable...
I've had ongoing back issues and J and I often feel as though we've been run over by a truck when we roll out of bed every morning. I'm not even kidding.

After years and years of dealing with it...
months and months of putting it off...
and just not wanting to spend the money...
We finally took the plunge...and as I see it...invested in our future!

We bought a new Tempurpedic mattress and have had it for about 2 weeks now.
As neat as it is to not be able to feel the bed move or shake when the other person gets in or out because of the memory foam, I'm still not convinced it was worth the money as I'm still not sleeping like a baby - which is completely what I was expecting. 

We were told to give it 30 I'm giving it two more weeks to rock my world...
otherwise I'll be calling Tempurpedic to discuss our options. *wink*

On top of having a new mattress to adjust to, which is absolutely a wonderful "struggle" to be having, we also jumped from a Queen size to a King - which I'm not sure was the best decision.  
J is not a snuggler which means there's even more distance between us now. *frown*

Of course, now we need all new sheets + bedding because of the jump up in mattress size...
which, again, is an absolutely wonderful "problem" to be faced with.

Which brings me full circle to the reason behind my post today!!
I've been obsessesed with the Georgina Bedding from Anthropologie!!

Seriously though!
Isn't it absolutely gorgeous??

Well...over the course of the last 3 weeks of staring at it on the Anthropologie website and searching hashtags on Instagram of other people who have the bedding to help me make the agonizing decision over whether to go with the white or the cream option, (thank you Eleni McMullin from @conveythemoment on Instagram), lo and behold, a 25% off sale popped up!!  That's all I needed to  convince my budget-minded guy that NOW was definitely the time to make my bedding dreams come true!! 

We still have a headboard to find but I have convinced myself this bedding is going to change my life because it just might be the motivation I need to actually paint the master bedroom that has had paint swatches on the walls for well over a year now.

I'm feeling incredibly fortunate to be breaking in a new mattress and to know some beautiful bedding is on it's way.  This truly could the beginning of something wonderful...a good night's rest, first and foremost.

Anyone else have some bedding that you've been obsessing over...
or duvet covers you've actually splurged on that you love? Please share!!

My bedroom is seriously a disaster.
It's the catch-all space for things we aren't sure what to do with and it's just NOT the sanctuary I would love my bedroom to be. That's all about to change about 5-7 business days upon delivery from Anthropologie. *wink*

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