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Tuesday, February 3

"Love is Like Butter...there are no substitutes for the REAL thing..."

Can I get an "amen" to that, baking friends?
I hope you love the FREE 5x7 art print I designed as an exclusive download for The Cake Blog this month. If you LOVE it...go download, print and frame it. (or skip the frame and just pin it to your corkboard, secure it with a magnet to your fridge or use some cute washi tape to hang it on a mirror or window).

It's PERFECT for displaying this month - don't you think?
Shoot - print a few out and gift them to your girlfriends as part of the "GALentine" dinner or festivities you may be planning this month with your best girl friends!!

It comes in three different background color options too so *wink*

Wondering about those adorable candy hearts shown in these photos?
They are called Heart "Sweet Shapes" by Sweetworks  - and I LOVE how they taste.
They are like sweettarts but without the tart. *wink*
And they come in lots of different fun shapes and color options so you are sure to find something perfect for whatever celebration/dessert table you are putting together.

I never did get to host the "Friendsgiving" I was hoping to have in November due to the devastating family circumstances that took place a couple of weeks prior.

So now...I'm re-thinking things.
It's always so crazy-busy in November with three birthdays and Thanksgiving, (not to mention the approaching Christmas season), so as much as I've been dreaming about a Friendsgiving for over 3 years just doesn't seem to ever come together. If it did ever miraculously happen - I just don't foresee it staying a strong, consistent tradition. (too many variables out of my control).

I've been talking to J about the idea of hosting a "Friendship Dinner" in February.
What do YOU think? There's not a whole lot going on in February - at least not for us.
I could shoot for the end of the month. Gives me a little more time for planning and preparations and doesn't interfere with all of those surprise romantic getaway plans I'm sure J has up his sleeve for us. *wink*
I'll keep you posted.

1 comment:

Robin said...

OMG! This is PRICELESS! My hubby and I had just gotten together and had not been together long when I sent him for butter. Long story.... but it's a family inside funny story. This will be going in my kitchen~ XOXOX

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