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BOOK CLUB | March's Selection :: Sheet Pan Suppers

Sunday, February 15

Friends!! It's time to be inspired in the kitchen!!
I've chosen Sheet Pan Suppers by Molly Gilbert as the PNPF Book Club selection for March!

Trust me when I say I went back and forth over what book to select to follow in the shoes of February's awesome selection!!

In the end I decided
Sheet Pan Suppers would be a good pick since the first of the year always includes resolutions and goals related to eating better and improving our health. Usually by the end of January most people have gotten off track and by the end of February we've completely lost focus.

For me, I think one of the hardest parts about eating properly is the fact that we all live busy lives and at the end of the day the thought of cooking just does NOT sound appealing. (can I get an amen to that?)

I know I am ALWAYS looking to be inspired to try something new in the kitchen. (grilled chicken, steamed veggies and homemade potato wedges gets old - just ask my family). I found Sheet Pan Suppers quite intriguing as it promises "hands-off meals" and looks like it includes lots of EASY, delicious recipes for getting dinner on the table without a lot of fuss; All on a sheet pan...what?!

I'm not sure every recipe in this book is actually "healthy" per se
but the fact that the cover has vegetables on it makes it count...right? *wink* keeping with the PNPF Book Club philosophy of
easy reading and very little time commitment...
I think this cookbook will provide us with the opportunity to flip through the pages and pick out a couple of fun recipes to try during the month of March. sounds like after-dinner-cleanup will be a cinch too. *high five*

If you were wondering if I'd be doing another giveaway for this month's book selection...
I am indeed giving away one copy!

We won't dive into Sheet Pan Suppers until March 1st - so keep reading through May You Live the Life You Love at least a couple more times and then meet me back here on February 28th for the discussion/review.

Until can enter the Sheet Pan Suppers giveaway below
OR just go ahead and order Sheet Pan Suppers by Molly Gilbert!
Don't forget to pick up a sheet pan too if you don't already have one!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck everyone!!
The winner will be picked and announced via social media on Saturday, February 21st.

I had one of the most fabulous Valentine's Day weekends ever!
J surprised me and the girls with a delivery of chocolate covered strawberries earlier in the week.
I also received a pretty bouquet of flowers from him the same day and then he
took me out to a fancy dinner at Le Coq au Vin on Friday night! Yum!!
He then surprised me on Saturday with the very pretty Let it Go Slat Board Art from Kelly Rae Roberts. He knows me pretty darn well! *wink* 
He's pretty amazing - I feel lucky to have him in my life.

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