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STYLING | Hot Chocolate Bar

Friday, December 19

I'm so happy with how our Hot Chocolate Bar turned out this year! (Check out our previous Hot Cocoa Bar)!  I added a couple of new elements that I'm loving and I think you'll love them too!

I was inspired to add some fancy flavored syrups this year after a friend/customer recently ordered the Hot Chocolate Bar Collection from me for a wedding she was putting together this past weekend. She requested some custom labels…which included some fun flavored syrups...and the obsessing for me began.

We stuck to using the same, fabulous homemade Hot Cocoa Mix recipe we've been using for a couple of years now and the 48oz. Anchor Hocking Jar holds the entire batch perfectly - with room for the cute mini wooden scoop.

I stuck with the toppings I knew my girls loved: Mini Chocolate Chips, Mini Marshmallows, White Chocolate Chips, Dark Chocolate Vermicelli Sprinkles and "Crushed" Peppermint this year instead of the whole peppermints I've used in the past.  (just crush up some starlite mints using a rolling pin). I also opted to have Peppermint Stir Sticks on hand to be used as stirrers - besides, they are a fun way to add a pop of peppermint to your mug of hot cocoa!

So let's talk about what's NEW: Flavored Syrups!
These are the same types of syrups added to your fancy Starbucks coffees!
These are SO simple to make and inexpensive to purchase.

There are SO many flavor options out there but I stuck with two to keep things simple:
French Vanilla syrup - store-bought from Target for $3.99 on the coffee aisle
Peppermint syrup - homemade using 1 cup of water, 1 cup of sugar + 1 tsp. Peppermint extract - so easy! You could even use a candycane or peppermint hard candy in place of the Peppermint extract but I didn't want my syrup to be red - you can choose to do that if you want to!!

I LOVE that you can add a few pumps of the syrup to change up the flavor of your hot cocoa!! (I think I've had to add about 5 pumps to mine but my mugs are pretty big). 

The syrup dispensers are actually SOAP dispensers I picked up from Kirkland's a few month's back. They work GREAT!!  I did see some at Target this week that look almost EXACTLY like the ones shown here - a little more narrow but the same bronze finish on the dispensers. Fun, right?

The other NEW elements I added this year is a bottle of Caramel Drizzle + a small tub of Sea Salt.
You know where I'm going with this!! I LOVE the salty + sweet combo so I had to take advantage of the opportunity to include it as an option for the Hot Chocolate Bar. 

So with the new syrups along with the caramel and sea salt, I've come up with THREE FLAVOR FAVORITES!!

Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa
Mix up a mug of Hot Chocolate. Add 3-5 pumps of French Vanilla Syrup.
Top with marshmallows. Cover with whipped cream. 
Drizzle on some caramel and add a tiny sprinkling of sea salt to finish. YUM!!

Peppermint Hot Cocoa
Mix up a mug of Hot Chocolate. Add 3-5 pumps of Peppermint Syrup.
Stir with a Peppermint Stir Stick if you like.
Top with marshmallows. Cover with whipped cream.
Sprinkle on crushed peppermint. TASTY!

Double Chocolate Marshmallow Hot Cocoa
Mix up a mug of Hot Chocolate.
Add a spoonful (or two) of mini chocolate chips. Stir.
Top with marshmallows. Cover with whipped cream.
Sprinkle mini chocolate chips and mini marshmallows on top.
Finish with dark chocolate vermicelli sprinkles! DELISH!

This year is the first year I've included the infamous Pepperidge Farm Pirouette Cookies as part of our Hot Cocoa Bar. The Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Hazelnut is my favorite but there's also a French Vanilla Pirouette option if you prefer! They don't take up a lot of space and fit in a jar nicely. My girls are loving them.

I've mentioned in the past that I prefer the mini dehydrated marshmallows over the normal, soft mini marshmallows but I decided to make a place for both options on the bar this year.

We are REALLY enjoying it - as always!
It's such a fun thing to put together and because I didn't style it "Christmasy" we can keep it up for New Year's and continue to use it throughout the entire winter season!

One thing I will definitely be adding next year is a to-go cup option - with a lid.
I'm missing the mini Kraft Ripple to-go cups from last year and want to have the 16oz. Kraft Ripple Coffee Cup sizes available to be able to send people off with a nice, warm cup of Hot Cocoa!

I hope you love how it turned out!

Baby It's Cold Outside Hot Cocoa Bar
Cabin in the Woods Hot Cocoa Bar


The Collection includes 4 different Chalkboard Posters and TONS of labels - including 3 different styles - round, square or rectangular.

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Hoping you all are enjoying your holiday season!
It was the last day of school for the kids today so it's officially Christmas break!
I'm looking forward to it!!

Those soap dispensers were actually being used in the master bathroom.
So…when I snagged them for the Hot Cocoa Bar, I rinsed and re-rinsed and soaked those bottles and pumps really, really good.

Would you believe the first couple of squirts of the syrup STILL had a hint of soap and bubbles in them?! So be warned! If you recycle some soap dispensers from around your own house…test them out to make sure all of the soap is REALLY out of them before offering any to your family and friends! Ha!!


marla said...

This is such a great idea & lovely presentation!!

DreamgirlLisa said...

Love all of this!!!!! I am trying to find a cute idea for something fun for my nieces when they come visit in January. I'm sad they missed my Christmas decorations and it's kind of a weird in between time, I might do something similar to this but w/ a little Valentine touches since it will be close to February.
Always love your posts and FB page, thanks for the fun inspiration!

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Thank you Marla!! I'm so happy you like it! I hope you'll try it out!! Happy New Year to you!! Thanks for being here and commenting.

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

DreamgirlLisa - I hope you really do try the Hot Chocolate Bar! The Valentine's Day accents would be darling!! Your family will love it - and you will too!!

Rose said...

Love your Hot Chocolate Bar!!
Any chance you are going to do a post on that amazing Hot Chocolate Bar sign?

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Thanks Rose!! I'm happy you love it and thanks so much for leaving a comment.
You can find the printable Hot Chocolate Bar sign right here:

Let me know if you have any other questions I can answer for you - thanks again for asking and for being here!!

Tish said...

Can you purchase the cocoa bar sign without all the other stuff? I would just love the sign.

YinnyKatherine said...

Omg everything is amazing and loved your mugs, where did you get them ??

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Hello Yinny!! Thanks for being here and for asking about the mugs. They were actually part of a Better Homes + Gardens Dish Set called Medallions. I found them at Walmart about 4 years ago. I don't believe they are available anymore but you might be able to find them on Ebay? I hope that helps.

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Hi Tish! Thanks for being here. You can find the individual sign in MY SHOPPE (click the link in the menu bar). If you have trouble finding it, let me know.

Unknown said...

Love the rustic look of this! We do a hot cocoa bar at our Christmas party each year. Can you tell me where you got the small jars? Also, what font did you use for "Chocolate"? I love that font!!

Unknown said...

Hi. Where did you get your jars?

Unknown said...

Hi. Where did you get your jars?

Unknown said...

Hi. Where did you get your jars?

Events With Grace said...

This looks great! Love the idea. Where did you get your small jars?

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Thank you. I got my jars from the Target $1 spot! *wink*

Matching Socks said...

It all looks amazing. Where did you get the syrup/flavor dispensers?

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Thank you Matching Socks!! I got the syrup dispensers from Kirkland's but I saw similar ones in Target too! (in the bathroom section - they are really hand soap dispensers). *wink*

Rachel said...

What a wonderful presentation!! Love all of the labels and especially the customized whipped cream bottle - perfect detail! I'm planning a coffee-themed wedding shower and would love to do something similar. Where were you able to do that?

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Thank you Rachel!! It was so fun putting this together! I just finished posting the "Cabin in the Woods" version we are doing this year! Just hit the "HOME" button on the blog to see all of the details. As far as where I was able to do this, this is just a set up in our home! Let me know if you have any other questions for me. And thanks so much for visiting!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love the chocolate bar concept. And i love the sign and labels. May I ask what font the word Chocolate on the sign is? Thank you for sharing all of this.

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Thank you Melodie!! I'm thrilled you are inspired!! The font is Cantoni! Hope that helps!! 🎉

Rebecca said...

I can see I"m way behind. Just a quick question:
Where did you get the caramel drizzle? I didn't see a recipe either if there was one.

Thanks so much,

Am now a subscriber.


French Ethereal said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jessica! Thank you so much for letting us use your hot chocolate bar as inspiration for this November's Pinterest Challenge with Cindy of County Road 407. <3 We hope you will stop by and check out a few (or all!).

Love all your ideas here and definitely will check out more of your posts. Thanks again!

Barb Chapman

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Hi Barb! I've been missing so many comments here on the blog. I need to get down to the bottom of what's happening to the messages you all are leaving me. Although belated, thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes...and hope you loved the Hot Chocolate Bar Inspo! xoxo, Jess

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