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Monday, December 8

Truth be told… I've been sitting on the computer most of today trying to finalize gift ideas for my two older girls.
I've been feeling overwhelmed a little by the list of things to do - which I'm surprised by because I was just thinking a couple of days ago "I don't seem to be as frantic or caught up in all of the hustle and bustle this year. My work load is much lighter than usual and I'm not overcommitted on the calendar either."

And yet here I sit this morning…feeling a little "Bah Humbugish".
It could totally be the rain and dreary weather outside I suppose.

I mean we DO have BEAUTIFUL lights up outside this year. Yay!!!
J climbed up on the roof and hung some on the house, without too much griping this time on his part and a lot more apprehension about his safety on my part. On top of the pretty lights on the house, I've got some new lighted grapevine yard decor I spontaneously scored from one of my neighbors at our community garage sale a few weeks ago - two cone trees, a reindeer and a snowman. They are similar to these but not exactly...Grapevine Snowman - Grapevine Trees - Grapevine Deer 
They look great, were super easy to put up and are perfect for the French Farmhouse (rustic + elegant) vibe I'm going for.

Ema even helped me wrap the trunk of the tree in our front yard and string lights up some of the branches too.

Our neighbors keep making comments like "You're really going all out this year…aren't you?" Ha!!
That's soooo not true. They haven't seen our Christmas tree - lights only right now!!

Whatever the reason I'm feeling Bah Humbuggish today…the Instagram post I shared is just what I needed!! I'm definitely going to choose Festive over Frazzled…
How about you?

So first up...I think I'll push play on that Holiday Baking Playlist I shared with you a couple of days ago. It's upbeat and happy and that's what we'll be listening to during our Holiday Cookie Baking Party on Sunday.  Every time I put on my Favorite Christmas Song...I'm immediately rejuvenated.
It seriously puts me in a good mood every time!!  You should try it!!

Ema and I haven't put lights on the outside tree together since her and I attempted it a couple of years ago. Two holidays ago, it happened to be a really cold, dreary day when we decided to take on the task when a light drizzle began in the middle of our project. Next thing I know her and I kept getting shocked because the lights were plugged in. Eeeks!!!

We laughed about it this year while stringing the lights together again. And would you believe…just as we were finishing…it started sprinkling!! What are the odds of that? (we weren't electrocuted this time though). Phew!!

And yes….we've got lights on our Christmas tree but the decorations are still in the attic.
We may get to that tonight? I'm not sure. I might decide to put our Hot Cocoa Bar together instead and snuggle up with my family in front of the fire and watch my favorite Christmas Movie...Elf.

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