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LIFE | Holiday Hookie + Snowman Spoons

Monday, December 29

I'm still playing "Holiday Hookie"…
trying to soak in all of the moments I have with my kids + family.
I was even going to start my inspirational Instagram posts back up again today - since it's Monday and all.
BUT...I quickly decided to just wait until NEXT Monday.
I'll get past the New Year's holidays and get the kids back in school and then I'll get back into my blogging routine!

That buys me more time to snuggle with my little Ella…listen to my Ema play her new Luna Concert Ukelele…and catch up with my Clara on "life-after-high-school".

Ella and I have a list of fun things we'd like to do before she starts school back on Monday.
I found these adorable snowman spoons from Joanna Gaines over on the Magnolia Homes Blog. 
They'll be a really cute addition to the NEW Hot Chocolate Bar we've got up for the winter months...
so these cute spoons are definitely going on the list.

I thought you might want to make them too.
And those mug sweaters!! I'm really crushing on those!
If I find out the source, I'll let you know too…just in case you want to know.

The last couple of years I've been very ready to take down the holiday decor the very day after Christmas.
In years past I would procrastinate taking it down…sometimes leaving it up until almost Valentine's Day! Ha!!

This year…I'm somewhere in the middle.
I want to take it down to help usher in the New Year...ahead of the game…so I can feel a little more organized with everything already put away before a brand new year of opportunity awaits!
BUT…I'm really going to miss the pretty Christmas lights and our tree.
I'm betting I'll have it all down and put away right after New Year's Day!
I'll keep you posted.

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