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GOOD THiNGS | Simple Green Smoothies 30-Day Challenge

Tuesday, March 12

It seems there's been nothing but sugar on the blog lately! *wink*

How about a little detox from all the sweets today?
Let's focus on something I think is perfectly festive for St. Patty's Day...
and is absolutly nutritious and good for you too...

Green Smoothies

We've talked Green Smoothies and here.
Today, however, is a bit different...

Click the "Read More" button for the entire scoop...

If you've ever wanted to add more leafy greens into your diet...
and you've been playing around with the idea of  introducing Green Smoothies into your daily food regimen...
but really didn't/don't know how to get started...
or needed a little motivation to help you on your journey...
if you've already been playing around with Green Smoothies...
but haven't been consistent with having one EVERY day...
or are looking to be RE-inspired...
or just want some new Green Smoothie recipes...
I've got your answer.

Mark your calendars!!
Jadah and Jen from Simple Green Smoothies will be launching a FREE Spring 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge that kicks off April 1.

(taken straight from the Simple Green Smoothies site)

"The goal of the challenge is to get you to drink at least one green smoothie a day— it can be a meal replacement, a snack or your dessert. It’s totally up to you! We just want you to commit to doing it daily so that you can reap the awesome rewards such as:

Weight loss
Clear skin
More energy
A nourished body

Here's what you'll get by signing up for the 30-Day Challenge:
– Motivation and tips sent straight to your email inbox weekly
– Free green smoothie recipes with exact measurements (no more guessing if it will be tasty)
– Weekly shopping lists so you can plan and prep
– Four weekly challenges to boost the nutritional content of each green smoothie recipe (and to up your game on being a green smoothie rockstar during the 30 days)
– Support from our Instagram community of over 91,000 followers and 19,000+ Facebook rawkstars!

Feeling inspired and motivated?
Here's how to join in the journey of "Revolutionizing your eating habits with nutrient-packed Green Smoothies"
Visit the Simple Green Smoothies website 
Click on the 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge  at the top of the Screen.
Find the "Click here to Join the 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge" button.
Fill out the super-short form with your email address and name and you are done.

Are you in?
You've got the rest of the month of March to get your blenders ready and your veggies prepped!!

The very first recipe you'll be given to try!
"...great starter smoothie. It’s full of iron, potassium and vitamins galore..."

Although I've been drinking Green Smoothies for awhile...
I haven't had one consistently over the span of 30 days!
I'm excited to join the Challenge - 
I hope you'll join me!!

Here's all of the Simple Green Smoothies social media links to keep you in the loop:
Website -
Pinterest -
Instagram -
Facebook -

I definitely feel obligated to make sure I'm sharing some "healthy" things with you...
to counterbalance all the sugary treats I've inundated you with lately!!
Cause I love you all like that!! *wink*


Bellenza Bistro said...

Sounds like an awesome habit to take on! Must check out the SGS site.

Lynn said...

I love your blog! I am just getting addicted to green smoothies. You can count me in! Im off to check out more of you and pin all your cool pins too. And thanks for introducing me to a site I've never visited, Scribd. Way cool.

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

I do you hope you'll join the challenge Bellenza Bistro. What do we have to lose, right?

Lynn - I'm thrilled you are here and I'm excited to know you'll be joining the 30-Day Challenge! I'm also glad I was able to introduce you to Scribd. And thanks in advance for the pinning!! *wink*

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