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iNSPiRE | Smash Book + Candy Hearts

Friday, January 18's cold outside here in Florida.

However, the excitement from the "Promise Me" movement we've got going on over here is sure warming my heart!!
The "Promise Me" Pinterest Board I've set up for those of you who are joining along has been filling up.
The emails have been pouring in...
genuine enthusiasm has been shared by so many of you...
and we are all inspiring each other - already.
and it's not even February 1st yet - our official start date. 

One of the bits of inspiration that has come about from this Promise Me adventure...
completely unexpected from the suggestion/comments from some brilliant Pen N' Paperflowers Facebook Fans...
Was the suggestion of doing a SMASH™ Book as part of the Promise Me journey!
If you don't know what a SMASH™ Book is...
Sit back and enjoy this short and sweet video from K&Company

This concept is SO right up my alley.
And since I've not done a SMASH™ book yet...
The Promise Me journey is the perfect way to get my feet wet!!
I will be picking up the supplies I need this weekend!
Perhaps you'll be inspired to do the same?

I'll also be finishing up the Promise Me graphic to share with you next week.
If you have a blog or site, you'll be able to post it loud and proud as a reminder to yourself...
and as a badge of honor sort of thingy! *wink*

I'll be randomly selecting someone every month to send a little something special to.
I've been compiling my list of  these "special gifts" and I promise YOU...
each one of them will be fun and inspiring. 

If you have no idea what Promise Me is about but are interested in learning more, GO HERE.

If you have not yet gotten your name on the list and would like to be included...
shoot me an email: pnpflowers AT live DOT com

If you are already on the list but forgot about being invited to pin to our Promise Me 2013 Pinterest Board,
send me another email to let me know you want to start pinning: pnpflowers AT live DOT com

If SMASH™ Books or the Promise Me journey isn't your thing...
I've got something else for you...
Perhaps you'll try it out this weekend if you've never done it...

Candy Hearts

Hot Tamales (Red)  - WiNNER!! Cracks aren't as visible and sealed back together nicely.
Jelly Belly Jelly Beans (Light Pinks) - Runner Up - I personally don't like how visible the cracks/seams show.
Good & Plenty (Dark Pink) - LAST PLACE - Cracked Under Pressure - but could be used as a symbol for a "broken heart" Ha!


Cut your choice of candy in 1/2 at a 45ยบ angle.
Flip one of the pieces and immediately squeeze the two candy pieces back together - the insides act as a glue.

Such a simple technique to turn any ordinary tubular edible object into something special...
Have the kids help - they'll love it!

I've seen this done with HOTDOGS - PINNED HERE
I've done it with a CHEESESTICK - using the same toothpick technique shown with the hotdog linked above.
I was told it works great with CHERRY TOMATOES - PINNED HERE!

If you want to chime in about the Smash™ Book...
or the Promise Me...
or if you have any other cute ideas for turning food into heart shapes...leave your comments.
I always love hearing from you!!
Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!

I'm REALLY needing a "Momcation".
I thought I made that word up until I found it in the Urban Dictionary! Ha!
You know what that means?
I'm not the only Mom out there who feels this way...
which makes me feel a little less guilty for feeling that way! *wink*

I made the chart above because I was too lazy to photograph my results with my REAL camera.
The photo at the top was from my iPhone camera - not great quality but you get the point! *wink*
Besides...I actually love how the chart turned out.
So see...
sometimes it's good to be lazy?
Although taking the time to create the chart doesn't really equate with "lazy" does it? Ha!


Travel Girl said...

There's another product from Sn@p that is similar to the Smash book that is also pretty awesome and inspiring if anyone's interested.

that's the video for it.

With the tax increase and my pay check cut to the point of barely being able to afford bills I thought I was going to have to scrap my entire Promise Me list and find things that were free. But then I thought, NO! I will find creative ways to do all of this. However, I did ad 1 more item: create a budget and stick to it. lol

Renee said...

This is all so awesome, Jessica!! I am so excited about Promise Me, Jessica! Yayyy!! 'Looking forward to sharing this with you and the others in the group. I can't wait to hear about your SMASH goodies, wink.

Oh, the candy is so adorable....thanks for sharing!!

Have a great weekend,


kansasgirl1 said...

The idea of the "SmashBook" is funny to me - it's what I used to do as a little girl only it was called "keeping a scrapbook" (before scrapbooking became so intense and intimidating). I still have one or two of my childhood scrapbooks, too. Lots of magazine pictures of kittens and animals and happy things. Now I just buy a spiral-bound sketchbook from Hobby Lobby and glue my bits and pieces into it. I guess I'm ahead of the times, in a generic sort of way :)

Unknown said...

I apologize everyone - I responded to each of you individually a few days ago - from my phone - and they aren't showing up here. *frown*

Let's try this again...

Wonder Woman - Thanks you for sharing the information about the Sn@p products. I will definitely share the information and loved the little video!!

I'm so excited to know you are joining us on the journey - despite your financial circumstances. You made such a GREAT point. This journey isn't about spending money. It's about finding creative ways to enrich our lives. You might try adding a few things from your list to your holiday, birthday wish lists. I've done that a few times with some of the things on my list.

Is your name already on the Promise Me 2013 list? Would you like an invite to post to the Promise Me Pinterest Board? Let me know.

Renee - I'm excited too. I picked up my SMASH book and a roll of washi tape over the weekend. I'm ready to rock! *wink*

kansasgirl1 - You are SO right. There's definitely been a resurgence of the old-school way of scrapbooking - except it's now been commercialized! Ha! Just keep doing what you've been doing! It's such a treasure that you've got a couple of your scrapbooks from your childhood. That's awesome!!

Thanks for your enthusiasm everyone!!

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