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BAKE iT | Chocolate Ganache Frosted Cupcakes

Wednesday, January 16

I am STiLL obsessing over the Chocolate Ganache frosting recipe I shared with you in December.
I used it for a cake...
and now for these...

Chocolate Ganache Frosted Cupcakes

Just in time for Valentine's Day...
or any day for that matter if you are a chocolate ganache + cupcake lover.

I did not pipe on the frosting like I would typically do for several reasons:
• The ganache frosting is softer than typical frostings and I feared it would not keep it's perfectly piped shape.
• I was too lazy to get my piping bags and tips out.
• I've been VERY interested in vintage desserts and frosting techniques and decided to use the good ole hand-frosted method.
• I wanted to roll the edges with these darling pastel sprinkles.

I hope the next batch of cupcakes you'll make...
you'll consider this chocolate ganache frosting...
you could core the cupcakes...
and use the ganache as a filling too! Yum!

Did you notice the pink sprinkles just so happen to match the Valentine's Day color inspiration I shared with you? Love!!

Before I go...
doing a quick check-in with all of the people participating in the Promise Me movement we've got going on here.
If you haven't gotten yourself on the list yet, email me at: pnpflowers AT live DOT com
Also - if you want to be part of the Promise ME 2013 Pinterest Board - let me know in an email!
So excited to get started.
You've got until January 31st to finish creating your lists.

I had to crop the first photo so you wouldn't notice the nibbled edge on the mini cupcake.
I left them unattended for just a minute as I was setting up to photograph them.
Two seconds later, I caught my mischievous jack russell, Hamilton, red-handed.
Just in the nick of time, I might add. *wink*

Want to see it?

I'm SO lucky he didn't just gobble the entire thing...c'mon...what dog "nibbles" anything?


Emily said...

I am subscribing! Love what I see. :)

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Ahhh!! Thanks Emily. I'm catching up on comments and I'm finally seeing yours. Thanks so much for subscribing and for being here - I'm thrilled to have you. I hope you continue to like the things I'm sharing here. Hugs!

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