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Wednesday, December 12

Inspired by Carrie's recipe last week from the Bloggers + Bakers Holiday Cookie Exchange...
I created my own version of her Chocolate Truffle Mini Tarts...

Mini Chocolate Truffles

These are such a terrific holiday treat...
for Cookie Exchanges, Holiday Parties and Holiday Gift-Giving:
Here's why:
• They are super easy.
• They are absolutely DELiSH!
• They are "Mini" sized
• They allow for creativity

 Endless topping choices/combinations...

Once you've created the base/foundation for the Mini Chocolate Truffles...
Top them with what you know the receiver of these little morsels will love.
Or do a combination of them all for an office party or holiday party to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth.

I first made these for a Neighborhood Christmas Party this past weekend.
I filled the cups with 1 TBSP of melted chocolate and used a paintbrush to bring the chocolate up to the very edge of the cups. I then filled the cup with a chocolate ganache and topped them with crushed candy cane.
They were AMAZiNG and I had many of my neighbors raving about them.

they were QUiTE rich.
You could really only eat one and that's about all you could handle - seriously.
My chocolate-loving daughters could only eat 1/2 of theirs.

for the version I'm sharing today...
I decided to simplify and downsize a bit.

I created a base of chocolate using only 1 teaspoon or so of melted dark chocolate.
I skipped the paintbrush technique to save time. 
Yes...they are prettier and more "finished" by creating a full chocolate shell...but I find it's really not necessary because the taste is what will be remembered most - and besides - it saves you a lot of valuable time.
I allowed them to cool in the refrigerator.
Topped them with chocolate ganache - avoiding filling the entire cup.
Topped with toppings and threw them back in the fridge. Done!


Step One: Fill cups with melted dark chocolate. Cool in refrigerator for 10 minutes while making chocolate ganache.
Step Two: Top with chocolate ganache. Tap on counter to settle, if necessary.
Step Three: Add toppings of choice and refrigerate until ready to serve.

So if you are ready to whip up your own...
here's the recipe for my version:

12 oz. Dark Chocolate

8 oz. bittersweet or semisweet chocolate, chopped

2 TBSP. light corn syrup

3 TBSP. unsalted butter

1 cup heavy cream

Crushed Candy Cane
Mini Chocolate Chips
Chopped Peanuts
Chopped Dried Cranberries
Mini M&M's
Crushed Oreo Cookies
Chopped Pistachios
Toffee Bits

Fill the cavities of a mini cupcake pan with baking cups. Set aside.
Melt dark chocolate until creamy and smooth using either a double boiler or microwave.
Using a spoon, place approximately 1 teaspoon (or more) of melted chocolate into prepared mini baking cups.
Tap pan to help settle chocolate, if necessary.
Refrigerate for 10-15 minutes while chopping toppings and preparing chocolate ganache.

Place the chopped chocolate, corn syrup and butter in a small bowl. Set Aside.
Heat the cream on a stove top just until it begins to boil.  
Remove from heat and pour over the chocolate, corn syrup & butter. Let stand for 1 minute, then stir until smooth.  
Remove mini cupcake pan from refrigerator.
Using a spoon, pour ganache on top of chilled dark chocolate cups.
Sprinkle toppings on top.
Refrigerate for a couple of hours.

No baking required.

These are a bit addicting.
I want to try adding the toppings in between the chocolate layers too!
I'd also like to drizzle a little salted caramel in between the layers of chocolate and then add some to the top too.

I hope you'll try these out!
If you do, leave a comment or email me at: pnpflowers AT live DOT com
Thanks again for the inspiration Carrie!!

Hugs to each of you!

Clara put lights on our tree. 
I put lights on my little pencil tree in my office.
Neither trees have ornaments unless you count the one pom pom and one tassel on my pencil tree?

I removed the lights on my pencil tree to add them to an outside tree.
While putting the lights on the tree outside...
I got caught in the rain.
It wasn't thundering so I decided to continue stringing the lights on.
I ended up getting shocked about 5 times and so, feeling defeated (and a bit strange)...decided to come inside.
The outside tree is only 1/2 way done.
Considering moving the tree from the living room into my office so I have a tree in the window at the front of our home.
But that means forgoing my grand plans of adding fabulous decorations to my little pencil tree.

J had the day off so we did something SUPER fun.
We both had our blood drawn for overdue lab tests. Ha!
On our way out the door to our appointments...
I quickly grabbed a grapevine wreath that was hanging in my dining room to test it out on one of my exterior lanterns.
My outside Holiday decor now consists of:
One grapevine wreath hanging from one of the 5 exterior lights...
Two grapevine wreaths on my front doors. 
Lights on the bushes...
and a 1/2 lit landscape tree.

Tuesday evening, a sore throat came on just before Ema's Christmas Concert.
I've got another Christmas Concert on Thursday night for Clara.

Not a lick of Christmas shopping done yet.

With that said...
I will continue to light Holiday candles...
burn Cranberry Chutney wax melts...
boil Simmering Holiday Potpourri...
and listen to Christmas music to fend off any "Bah Humbug" feelings that may be trying to ruin my Holidays!
How about you?!


Unknown said...

This is such a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Just like I told you on Facebook, these are just too cute and they look delicious. Might bake a batch this weekend. Baked some turtle cookies and fruitcake cookies last night
Aimee B.

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