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BAKiNG | Mason Jar Lid Cookies

Monday, December 10

this was NOT my own creative idea.
I happened upon it while reading comments on another site
in my search for the Dorie Greenspan cookie recipe I shared with you.

this was such a clever concept...
I couldn't wait to try it out...


Yes...that's right.
Using the band of a mason jar lid...
You've got yourself an instant alternative for baking with ring molds.
Ring molds are what Dorie Greenspan uses to bake her infamous French Sablés Jammers...
the cookies/recipe I shared with you last week for the Bloggers + Bakers Holiday Cookie Exchange.

Here's how it works...
After you've got your mason jar bands lined up on your cookie sheet...
simply press a portion of the Jammer cookie dough into the center of a band
until the edges of the dough meet all sides of the band.

Place a spoonful of jam into the center of the dough.
Sprinkle streusel around the jam.

My brilliant idea:
Use a small cookie cutter to place around your jam as you spoon on the streusel.
This makes it super easy to avoid getting the streusel into your jam center.

Bake as directed.

Once the cookies are a golden brown...
Remove the cookie sheet from the oven and allow to cool for 15 minutes.

My brilliant tip/technique for removing cookies from cookie sheet:
Press down and twist on the mason jar band - just as you would to open/close a jar.
This not only loosens the cookie from the baking sheet...
but it also breaks the seal between the cookie and the mason jar band.

Lift band/cookie from the baking sheet.
From the bottom of the mason jar band...
use your fingers to GENTLY push up on the cookie...
completely releasing it from the band.

Allow to cool completely. 
Store in airtight container 2-3 days.

Pretty cool, right?
I know I was intrigued...
I hope you were too.

And as always...
if you try this out - I'd LOVE to hear about your results.
Just leave a comment
or if you'd like to share photos, send them to: pnpflowers AT live DOT com

My weekend? A bit hectic.
Christmas Tree hunting on Saturday with the family.
Put up 2 Christmas Trees (lights only right now).
Put lights on our bushes. (that only took about 30 minutes).
J's company Holiday Party Saturday night.
Neighborhood Christmas Party/Cookie Exchange Sunday afternoon.
Christmas Concert Sunday night.

Both treats were a big hit with everyone.


Anonymous said...

Jessica this looks divine and so different from anything I've seen... I might bake a batch at large scale in my jelly roll sheet, fingers cross.

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

This may be the most clever idea ever, Jess!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Made these for an office cookie contest. I used Marion blackberry, strawberry and lemon jam and all 3 flavors are amazing. Recipe was easy to follow and the cookies are so delicious and beautiful! I hope I win the contest :) thanks for the recipe

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

I've been flooded with a bunch of unanswered blog comments - I have not been receiving notification and I apologize for never having seen this. I am so excited you tried the recipe and hope you won the contest. Thanks for sharing the filling flavors you used too - I bet they were wonderful. You've got me excited and thinking about making them for the holidays this year too! xoxo, Jess

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