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STYLiNG | Witch Themed Halloween Snack Table

Monday, October 22

I'm so excited to share with you...
the Halloween Snack Table I styled and was recently featured on Hostess with the Mostess.
I thought I'd TRiCK you by not including any TREATS on this festive table.
I figured some salty snacks were in order to help balance out the sugar rush from the excessive amounts of candy we'll all be consuming.

I hope you'll find some inspiration for your upcoming Halloween festivities.

Toil & Trouble Witch Themed Snack Table

This snack table was designed to provide a festive salty grab-and-go snack station for Halloween.
The snacks were kept simple so you can spend your time enjoying the festivities that await.
Guests (and little ones) can quickly grab some salty snacks...
to off-set the sugar-induced comas they are likely to fall into either before or after the Trick-or-Treating begins.

The great thing about this table?
Set it up in your home at the beginning of October as part of your Halloween decorations.
Just add the snacks mentioned below on party night. 
OR create an interactive Halloween focal point in your home for the entire month of October...
Simply package up the snacks individually in cellophane bags.
This allows your kids or any guests that pop by to grab a quick snack on their way in or out.

Snacks were kept super simple and included edible broom handles (mini pretzel rods...)
curdled screams (popcorn)...
and frightful fingernails (pumpkin seeds). 
If you want to serve something a bit more savory...
you could try crackers, chips, cheese trays and hot appetizers.
Customized Water Bottles...
bottles wrapped in decorative tissue paper...
keep things simple as well as provide another way to wash down all that sugar.

Decorative tissue paper water bottle wraps along with a simple Black Magic book cover are a couple of ways you can easily add some pizzazz to your decor. See links to tutorials:
• Black Magic Book Cover
• Tissue Paper Water Bottle Wraps

• Styling, Photography and Apothecary Jar Labels: Pen N’ Paperflowers
• Decorative Tissue Paper: 7Gypsies


FREE Apothecary Jar Labels just for you Wednesday - Friday at midnight!
Grab them here while they are available ---> FREE Printable Apothecary Jar Labels

Even though the original snacks for this photo shoot sat out for about 2 weeks in prep for the photo shoot...
(everyone knows not to touch things until Mom gives the "okay")
I still caught everyone snacking on stale popcorn and stale pumpkin seeds. Ha!!
Even Ella, (my 3 year old), kept grabbing the pretzel cups to take with her
as snacks in the car.

I will obviously replenish everything with FRESH snacks for Halloween night. *wink*


Glory/ Glorious Treats said...

Such a beautiful set up Jessica! Hey, I guess stale treats would be a real "trick" on your guests!

Unknown said...

Thank you SO much Glory - I'm thrilled you liked the turn out. And you are SO right - stale "treats" would be a real "trick" for any unsuspecting guests. Ha!!

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