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Tuesday, October 9

I'm sure you've noticed a pattern lately...
me posting square photos...
square photos with "burned edges"...
square, edge-burnt photos finished off with a fun polaroid frame-type look to them...

Well as much as I'd love to say I'm just an amazing photographer...
The truth is...
I've just found an amazing camera/phone app I'm in love with. (and slightly addicted to using).

I'm going to share my secret weapon with you today...
so you too can easily achieve the same results I've been posting.

Introducing...Leme Camera Photo App
Please Note: This is an actual CAMERA app designed to take photos...NOT a photo editing app.

Here's the scoop directly from Leme Camera:

"The heart of Leme Cam is the unique charm found in simple film photography. We urge you to have fun! Capture your style, emotion, and your creativity using our chic, unpredictable, yet delightfully retro “toy” cameras, cool lenses, and funky films. There are no rules. Shoot anything, shoot everything! You never know what amazing pics you’ll get!"

Learn how to go from "average"...

to artistic...

Open the Leme Cam phone app... 

I use the SAME EXACT CAMERA SETTINGS every time I take a picture using Leme Cam.
I've tried some of the other options and the polaroid-ish results I'm sharing with you today are my favorite.
These are MY personal preferences so feel free to adapt the steps to your own likes.
Do this one time and you'll be set every time you open the app.

Open the Leme Cam app and click on the "MY PHOTOS" button

Click the "SETTiNGS" button

Scroll down


Go BACK to main menu

Now here's the FUN part...
Click on CAMBAG
Important Note: See the "Random and "Manual" Dial at the top left of your Leme Cam?
I leave my dial on MANUAL.
  This allows me to take photos using the settings I've chosen. (and the settings I'm about to share with you).
Choosing "Random" will allow Leme Cam to pick and choose
 various frames, film and camera combinations every time you snap a photo.

Pick your CAMERA, LENS and FRAME from a variety of options.
Simply scroll up or down to view all of the options within each separate category...

Make the following selections: LEMELEME, MARGARTIA & WiDESCREEN and click FINISH
These are the settings I use EVERY TiME I use the Leme Cam app for taking photos...


View your Leme Cam photos in your Camera Roll and post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

See the side-by-side difference?

I hope you love it as much as I do.
Have fun playing around with all of the options Leme Camera offers.
Perhaps you'll create your own signature "go-to" camera settings. 

• Square Photos (no cropping needed - ready to load to Instagram)
• Photo Resolution - (perfect for posting to my blog - without resizing)
• Simply tap on the screen to select your focal point
• Taking photos indoors using harsh lighting still produces cool results with Leme Camera.
With that favorite photos are outdoorsy - the settings I've shared today have a "vintage-blue-ish" tint to them and make photos of nature and images captured outside look especially pretty.

I pretty much use Leme Cam to compensate for the potential of underexposed photos.
I don't have to stress about lighting conditions...
I just point and shoot and the results are typically cool. *wink*

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