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CRAFT | Scotch® Duct Tape Decor

Wednesday, October 24

The good folks at Scotch® sent me some of their fabulous NEW Duct Tape Designs...
and I'm here to share with you some fun, simple ways to incorporate it...
into your home decor,  entertaining and party decor.

Although these ideas are geared towards the upcoming Halloween festivities...
simply change up the fabulous color combinations and designer patterns and you
can adapt these easy diys for any holiday or celebration.

Shown here: "Plaid to Meet You", Green Apple, Tangerine Orange and Black

Double-sided decor is a cinch. 
Great for creating mini banners (see below), food picks and cupcake toppers

Mini Banners
Great for outdoor displays too since the Scotch® Duct Tape is weather-resistant

Tissue Tassles
Wrap a small piece of Scotch® Duct tape to add a splash of color and secure your homemade tassles

Decorative Water Bottle Wraps
Shown here: "Lace Vegas"

Tissue Roll Party Favors
Add some pizzazz by simply wrapping some Scotch® Duct Tape to the center of favors 
 Secure ends with an additional smaller strip of Scotch® Duct Tape

Wacky & Whimsical Gum Ball Party Favors
Secure a cupcake liner to the top of a gumball tube with a small strip of Scotch® Colored Duct Tape
Use scissors for fringing the cupcake liner.

I hope you're inspired to get creative with the many patterns and vibrant, colorful duct tapes available from Scotch®.
If you try them your results to: pnpflowers AT live DOT com

And if you've already created some fun things of your own - I'd love to see them.
Include a link in the comments section and I'll go check them out.

My week so far?
My 13 year old is on crutches for the next 3 weeks (result of her spraining her ankle skateboarding)
My 3 year old woke up this morning with an icky tummy.
With that said...
Scotch® Duct Tape is so FUN to use...
even my "hop-along" 13 year old daughter contributed something creative...
with her ankle elevated, of course.

Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape Witch Hat
Shown here: "Plaid to Meet You" + Black

She's finishing up a wallet she started too! *wink*


Nedra said...

So many cute ideas! I always forget about all the fun patterns and designs of duct tape. I'll have to try some out :)

And it must have been a bad week for little one (2 yrs old) is in a cast for 4 weeks. Fractured his leg while playing with his brother. Sheesh! Hope your daughter heals quickly!

Unknown said...

Oh Nedra!! I'm so sorry to hear about your 2 year old being in a cast. That's definitely far worse than my 13 year old being on crutches. I hope your sweet little guy heals quickly. It's actually amazing how resilient they are - and how fast they adapt to new things.

Thanks for taking a minute to comment about the duct tape ideas I shared. I'm glad you like them. I'd love to see the creative things YOU come up with!!

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