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promise ME | Bake Me A Cake • goal #29

Thursday, January 19

This past Saturday...
I was able to cross off a few things on my "promise ME" list!!
One of those things happened to be my long awaited visit to "Bake Me A Cake" Pastry Shop & Bakery.
I'd come across their pastries in a local mall some time back and vowed to visit their actual bakery shop.

Little did I know...
This Pastry Shop has received quite a few impressive accolades since first opening in 2001.
The husband-wife team (Mercedes & Alex Strachwsky) that own, operate and are the creative forces behind the beautiful confections...
have managed to gain an impressive clientele base...
(including some celebrity clients such as Shaquille O'Neal and Paris Hilton).

In addition to that...
Bake Me A Cake  has been awarded:
Wedding Wire's Bride Choice Award for 2010 and 2011

Quite impressive, wouldn't you say?
I feel so fortunate to have their shop located in Central Florida.

At Bake Me A Cake, an array of pastries, cookies and breads are offered...
in addition to beautiful custom cakes.
On Saturday, we walked out the door with these gorgeous mini cupcakes...










They look GREAT on The Pastry Pedestal™...don't they!?

Want more information about Bake Me A Cake?
Here are their social media links:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Blog

Promise #29...DONE!!

I almost missed being able to visit Bake Me A Cake on Saturday.
I didn't realize the shoppe was supposed to close at 2p.m. Saturday afternoon...
I should've called...I know...
We arrived at 2:07p.m. *sigh*
As luck would have it...
There was a cake consultation still going on...
so the shoppe remained open.
We LUCKED out!!
I was SO happy!!


Mayra Rivera said...

Hi Jess! I've been to Bake me a Cake years ago while in Florida for my daughter's Quince party. Thanks for the reminder that is a must to go back and visit for cupcakes! Your pictures look great!!

Unknown said...

Mayra...isn't it ridiculous that they have been here since 2001 and I FINALLY visited their shop? I'm so glad to hear you've visited there before!!

Anonymous said...

ohhh i have to try this place if i go to fl!

Shelley in SC said... looking at these pictures is as good as gobbling them down!! gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Shelley in SC...I'm thrilled you love the photos! I have to admit, (and I meant to add this to my "Keeping It Real" section), I never got to sample them because of me being on my "completely vegan for 30 days". (Another promise ME goal). My timing was terrible...right!? *wink* But my girls gobbled them down. That's always a good sign.

Celeste said...

Oh man.. those look delicious, and I love the pedastal. I am also slightly obsessed with those white plates - where did you get them?

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