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promise ME | 20 days & counting...

Wednesday, January 11

Can you believe we are counting down our last 20 days of the "promise ME" journey?
I spent part of yesterday actually "mapping out" exactly how to accomplish my remaining goals...
(I've still got quite a few to finish up.)

For today though...
Instead of focusing on what I still need to get done...
Let's talk about what I've been able to accomplish!
(and hopefully that'll help those of you who have been participating, to reflect on all that you have achieved as well).

I did it!!!
Angel Food Cake...(my 2nd attempt)




Although my first attempt was a complete failure...(see the shameful ViDEO here)
I couldn't give up.
Yes...I could've easily marked this off my "promise ME" list after the first attempt... just stated "Make an angel food cake"...
It didn't actually say "Successfully make an angel food cake"...
But like I said in the video...
I was determined to succeed.
And I did...
with this second attempt!!
Woo Hoo!!

I can't really tell you if it "tasted" good or not.
I was only able to rely on the feedback from my family.


I started my "completely vegan" adventure on December 27th...
Yesterday marked exactly 2 weeks of successfully avoiding eating any type of animal product.
Although my usual diet consisted mainly of chicken and fish as my main sources of protein anyway...
The challenge has still been quite difficult eliminating those...
 as well as avoiding all products with dairy in them.
My original thoughts were that I would turn to eating more vegetables because I already eat a good amount of fruits...
Unfortunately though, I seem to be reaching for more carbs. *grumbling*
Why this promise?
I've always wondered if I could ever actually do it. (and not be miserable). *wink*
And honestly,  I'm not miserable at all.
(Except that I still have to prepare "un-vegan-friendly" dinners for the rest of the family).

Moving on...

Although we haven't performed the Random Acts of Kindness yet...(scheduled for Saturday, January 28th)
We have started making our list.
Here's where I need your help...
I thought it would be fun to hear YOUR suggestions as to some things we can add to...

Our current list:
Inspirational quotes left on windshields.
Paying for somebody's drive-thru meal.
Collecting grocery carts from the parking lot and pushing them into the store.
Anonymously leaving change on a vending machine.
Picking up trash in a public area.
Writing thank you letters to people we appreciate, love and admire.
Bake Cookies for the Fire Department.
Take a New Baby Care Package to Hospital Maternity Ward.
Leave treats for hospital staff and nurses.
Donate some books to the local library.
Pay for someone's cupcake at Cupcake Delights.
Leave a bouquet of balloons for kids at the park.
Leave a tub of cold water bottles where there may be thirsty people.
Make a HUGE card for Chick-Fil-A -
thanking them for always being courteous, prompt and never forgetting anything.

As you are thinking of some creative things for us to add to our list...
Keep in mind these are things we'd like to accomplish in a 3-4 hour time span.


Using my Google Calendar...
I have mapped out my remaining promises so that I can be sure to achieve each one.
I hope those of you participating have been enjoying your adventure...
I look forward to sharing more with you and hearing all about your own accomplishments!!
I'm excited!!
Let's do this peeps!!

Have I recapped 2011 yet?
Have I shared with you my favorite holiday photos yet?
Have I been able to do anything else except design work and fulfilling orders?
However, I'm feeling extremely blessed to be so busy.
With that said...
If I'm ever going to be able to get back to blogging consistently...
it looks like I'm going to have to carve out some time in the evenings...
mornings just aren't working for me anymore! *wink*

Bunny update:
We are down to 3 healthy babies.
One of the 4 has seemed to developed something called "Wry Neck".
I'm certain it's directly related to having found three of the babies trapped under the food bowl last week.
(The mama bunny apparently flipped her bowl over right on top of them).
We have no idea as to how long they were under there...
but I happened to check on them in the middle of the day...
and about FREAKED when I found them.
They were all lethargic and sweating.
I'm certain if I wouldn't have found them when I did...
We would only have 1 baby left.
We've been taking videos so I hope to share them with you soon!


coco said...

I am about to start my promise me list for this year! Last year i did participate but wasn't very specific. Plan to make a REAL tangible list this year! Random Acts of Kindness:
*Leave a treat in your mailbox for the mailman or take treats to your local post office (they are so rarely thanked)
*Take a casserole (stouffers lasagna counts) to a mom of several children or a new mom!
*Hand out flowers anywhere!yard flowers are fine
*Fill little soup cans with dirt and flowers and leave them on neighbors front doorstep.
These are just a few ideas i had! Will keep adding to my list too!

Ila said...

That cake looks beautiful! I was wondering how that little bunny was doing! Kate has been talking about them all week. Hopefully the fourth will be able to overcome in the end!

Unknown said...

Coco....Thank you so much for the sweet ideas!! Those are ALL great! And I'm so glad to hear you will be starting your list this year!! Woo Hoo!! It's SUCH a neat experience...

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