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Family | Happy 3rd Birthday Ella

Tuesday, November 15

It was Ella's birthday yesterday...
my baby turned three. *sigh*


Aside from a homemade chocolate chip cake (her request)
breakfast in bed...
picking up some birthday balloons...
eating her favorite dinner (spaghetti)...
a birthday photoshoot...
and celebrating with grandma and grandpa...


We kept things pretty simple. *wink*
(the birthday party with her little friends isn't until later)







Happy Birthday Ella Pie!!

I have no idea where the chocolate chip cake request came from?
Sunday night she'd decided on strawberry cake...(even though I was trying to push carrot cake) *wink*
and then...
Monday morning she decided to change up the cake??
I scrambled for a good recipe - ended up just using my fave white cake...adding chocolate chips...
and then adding chocolate chips to my fave cream cheese frosting recipe.
Best part is...
she helped me bake it.
(That is, until she got in trouble for continuing to eat the chocolate chips). *wink*

A HUGE thank you to Grandma A for making homemade spaghetti sauce!!
It. was. YUM!!

Oh...and she was pretty excited about getting her very 1st bike...
along with a Hello Kitty helmet and sunglasses!
Thanks Dad!!


Party Wagon said...

So sweet! She is a doll!

Party Wagon said...

So sweet! She is a doll!

Moore Minutes said...

She is just ADORABLE! What a precious little 3 year old blessing you have. <3

Can't wait to see pics of her party!!

Gypsy Heart said...

She is beautiful!! Sounds like a fun birthday ~

Unknown said...

What a little doll baby she is! And do you DIE over that gorgeous head of hair every day?!?! WOW! Darling photos!

Unknown said...

Party Wagon - thank you girl!!! Hugs!!

Pollydove...thank you for your sweet comments. I am fretting over what will happen when she gets her first haircut. Will the curls all disappear? *sniffle*

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