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Wednesday, November 9

It's official...
The "Dear Daughter" journey 
has officially begun in my home!!



 I strategically purchased spiral-bound journals to fit perfectly in the mailboxes I created for the girls.
(I love it that I'm able to combine the two projects together).

I'm very excited to begin this journey with my girls.
I expect our relationships to blossom in ways I never even imagined!!

What are you doing to strengthen relationships in your home...
with your children...
with your family?

I'd love for you to share some traditions or projects you've embarked on with your own family.
Inspire me!!!

Off to whip up some cupcakes for a fabulous ceremony I'm attending today!
My 17 year old cousin - senior in high school...
is having an official "signing" ceremony for being recruited by The Citadel.
He's got some MAD Baseball Skills...among other amazing athletic talent...
he's super smart...
and humble.
He is SUCH a gem!!
LOVE him and I'm so very proud of him!!
Congrats Nate!!!

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