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holiday | memorial day 2011

Tuesday, May 31

a wonderful Memorial Day weekend...

I spent Saturday at the beach with my two older daughters...
I SO enjoyed the one-on-one time with them and it was a gorgeous day.
We vowed to continue going every other Saturday - weather permitting. *wink*

Sunday was a quiet day at home except for a quick trip to the park with Ella.

And although J had to work for part of the day on Memorial Day,
we enjoyed a festive dinner with the girls, my mom and stepdad yesterday...


homemade rosemary garlic french fries

fresh peach crisp 
(peaches were picked from our very own peach tree - WHAT??!!)

bing cherries
(creatively displayed on The Pastry Pedestal™)

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend as well.
I'm looking forward to a fun productive week ahead!
Remember the Father's Day giveaway I've mentioned a couple of times now?
It's scheduled for posting tomorrow, so don't miss it!

Enjoy your Tuesday - make the most of it!

I can't help myself...
I absolutely have to tell you...
I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! the way the cherries look on The Pastry Pedestal™
SO cute!!
And I'm loving the photos I'm receiving from those of you who've ordered yours!
Keep sending them in!!


{ SHE } said...

Oh you are so right!! Cherries do look so cute on there! LOVE. I sent you a quick email the other day...did you receive?? :) XOXO.

Angela said...

Oh my goodness - your food table looks delicious...especially that peach cobbler!! LOVE the cherries on the pasty pedestals - super cute. Can't wait to catch up! Will try this week. xo

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